LOW Prolactin Is REAL


Mar 26, 2016
I would like everyone's opinion on Prolactin reaching very low levels.

Bodybuilders, Fitness Enthusiasts and ordinary men who have had elevated prolactin know firsthand the downsides of High Prolactin levels; it will ruin your sex drive, decrease testosterone production as well as dopamine and turn you into an Apathetic and passive zombie. In the meantime, you are gaining weight and suffering from insulin resistance. So we know for sure that high Prolactin is bad, but do we know the whole story behind prolactin's effects? Moreover, when people go on dopaminergics to lower prolactin back into the normal range, some actually end up nearly obliterating prolactin. As the level of prolactin fades into the deficient or even undetectable stage, should we be worried of possible side-effects? There is a condition describing this stage, it's called HypoProlactinaemia (as opposed to Hyperprolactinaemia which describes high prolactin), and it can also present serious side-effects.
All the studies are here:
Area-1255: HypoProlactinaemia (Low Prolactin) in Men - A Cause for Concern or Ideal State?

Therefore in Summary, HypoProlactinaemia (though decreasing or eliminating the refractory period) may be outweighed by the other side-effects of low prolactin and so I advise caution against reducing prolactin to a deficient or undetectable state, especially in those particularly susceptible to anxiety, E.D, or any like conditions.

  • Deficient Prolactin in men induces low DHT levels and lower Androgen levels.
  • Low Prolactin may cause anxiety; by decreasing GABA synthesis and increasing glutamate activity.
  • Low Prolactin may cause Calcium Channel overload and increased noradrenaline.
  • Low Prolactin may cause male infertility; oligozoospermia and asthenospermia.
  • Hypoprolactinaemia also leads to premature ejaculation and anxiety induced and / or arteriogenic E.D.

Ron J

Oct 5, 2016
If high prolactin leads to high estrogen, would lowering estrogen to undetectable levels lead to very low prolactin? Or can prolactin be directly lowered to undetectable levels without an aromatase inhibitor, and still produce a healthy amount of estrogen?
And which dopaminergic and at what dose to achieve very low prolactin?

  • Deficient Prolactin in men induces low DHT levels and lower Androgen levels.
What do you think about the claims that prolactin increases androgen sensitivity?
Nov 21, 2015
there are several studies showing low prolactin correlates sometimes with poor male sexual interest and performance.
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