Low Iron, Heavy Period

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    Nov 3, 2017
    I have been following a mostly pro-thyroid diet for just over a year now. And while my temps have improved my main symptoms still exist. I have not been diagnosed with any thyroid issues. My blood tests reveal no issue with thyroid or estrogen/progesterone issues according to my doctor though I understand that blood tests don’t necessarily reveal a problem.

    I have a history of iron deficiency (low ferritin) and have had iron infusions in the past - roughly every two years since the birth of my son (no complications) in 2009. I am 46 years old.

    I have ALWAYS had period pain at the onset of bleeding. I don’t really have an issue with PMS (maybe some breast swelling/tenderness and warning twinges of cramping). My period has nearly always been regular (roughly every 28 days with 2-3 days variance at most) and lasts five days (use to be six) with the first three days being the heaviest with clotting then drops suddenly to very light. I feel like I lose a lot of blood in these first three days and this seems consistent with iron levels that gradually drop over time to require another infusion.

    Usually, I take an over the counter analgesic (Naprogesic) which deals quite effectively with the pain especially if I take it as soon as the cramping begins.

    Of course I could wait things out until menopause hits but I feel that even if this happens in the next few years I want to do something about it now. I’m worried about how wearing this has been on my body and will continue to be. I am reluctant to act on the recommendations by gynaecologists/GPs ie. Mirena; hysterectomy; the pill and Tranexamic acid.

    I have never taken the pill but have been taking your Progest-e for the last six months. Initially, I took it during the luteal phase only but this didn’t seem to make any difference. Now I take it every day until bleeding starts then I wait until bleeding finishes and start taking it again.

    I suppose I could be more consistent with dosage but I usually manage to take it two to three times a day, three drops at a time.

    I have had one irregularity since doing this which actually was quite exciting seeing as I haven’t been able to budge any of my symptoms since trying an assortment of treatments including Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Since taking it every day and stepping up the dosage and being more consistent with it I had a short cycle with bleeding beginning on day 17. The bleeding and pain was the usual amount however the following cycle which was back to 28 days was extremely heavy in those first three days and of course the usual pain at the beginning.

    Fibroids have been ruled out - I have had two ultrasounds to test for this.

    I was vegetarian for ten years in my early twenties (until early thirties!) but still ate fish. My diet now (carnivorous!) would have enough iron in it. I avoid soy, additives, preservatives, most grains and pufas. My new year’s resolution was to start eating the carrot salad - I was deterred for a long time after reading Joey Lott.

    I also wake in the night most nights anywhere between midnight and four in the morning and take a while getting back to sleep which also puts me behind the eight ball energy wise. We are diligent about turning off the internet modem at night while we sleep. Most nights I don’t have any alcohol but if I do it would only be two glasses of wine at most. I just can’t tolerate alcohol as well either so have cut it out from my diet mostly. I have tried taking something sugary and salty to get back to sleep but this does not have an instant effect. From a past test (saliva) I have had hormones checked at this time and it showed a higher level of cortisol which I believe is related to estrogen levels.

    A lot of Peat's writings on iron are about avoiding and limiting iron but how does this relate if iron levels are low?

    I avoided caffeine for three years for the very fact that it inhibits iron absorption but have started to drink coffee again (one a day) to improve metabolism.

    Any advice or writings/research on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sep 23, 2017
    could still be thyroid related
    What your period is trying to tell you about your thyroid - Society for Menstrual Cycle Research

    if you are not planning on having more kids then pehraps a birth control might be an effective means. but then you might suffer from the reverse which is IRON OVERLOAD. one advantage women have over men is they don't accumulate much iron over thier lifetimes because of menstruation. as you get older having too much iron can lead the cancers, weight gain, insulin resistance.

    I know a lot of excercise and having low body fat can also halt periods.

    if you have high estrogen levels then perhaps eat a low glycemic diet as that will raise SHBG and bind up free Estrogen.

    the high cortisol at night is mostly likely low blood sugar related. if you have low iron it may increase insulin senstivivity leading to hypoglycemia and bam high cortisol/low bloodsugar/ adrenaline.

    high iron can lead to insulin resistance adn low iron can lead to high insulin sensitivity. you don't want either or. you wanna be somewhere in the middle. low iron can also increase testosteron and then your body could convert it to estrogen by aromatase.

    you might benefit from fat and carb before bed like ice cream or a grilled cheese sandwhich.