Low estrogen low testosterone


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Aug 14, 2013
I had good health and metabolism .My dear brother had very high triglycerides 800 , 50 lbs overweight and borderline diabetes plus high blood pressure. The Doctor wanted him on 4 different med .My brother refused to take any meds and asked my advice.I said let's go on a low
Carb diet and I bet you will get better.This was over two years ago , he is back to his high school weight and looks fit ,lab results normal triglycerides 120 ,no longer needs any meds which he refused to take anyhow.NOW WE ARE BOTH HYPOTHYROID , hair loss ,I have low estrogen and testosterone . We both have the symptoms of hypothyroid but of course the doctors say our thyroid is fine .We are now eating carbs again and feel better .The Doctor prescribed me synthetic estradiol 1mg and progesterone2.5mg .I have never taken any hormones so am a bit reluctant .I am 59 so maybe I should.I have not cooked with vegetable oils in over 20 years.I am sure I have had my share of pufas when eating out.In short it looks like we messed up our metabolism .So sad ,can we get it back.We are denied thyroid prescription.This is my first time posting ,ever .Please excuse if I am not going about it the correct way.It does feel good to let someone know.


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Jan 4, 2012
A lot of us here damaged our metabolisms with low carb, making us severely hypothyroid. Yes, you can get it back.


Feb 20, 2013
Ray Peat believes excess estrogen is a major cause of hypothyroidism in most people.
Blood test for estrogen does not always reflect total estrogen.
Did your doctor test your estrogen level ?
Hypothyroid people usually have high estrogen.
Estrogen excess is a proven cause for many types of cancer.
http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/es ... ncer.shtml
Do you know your thyroid numbers? TSH,T3,T4.
Here is a good article on estrogen and progesterone by Ray Peat
http://raypeat.com/articles/aging/aging ... rone.shtml
He also has dozens of articles on estrogen and it's misuse.
If your doctor gives you natural progesterone prescription, you can give it a try.
Progesterone helps with increasing thyroid function.
You sure can improve your health a lot just by following a good diet.
Since you have avoided PUFA for 20 years, it will be lot easier for you to
regain health than other people whose body full of PUFA.
Here is a basic description of RP's dietary recommendations.
Daily raw carrot salad is very effective in increasing thyroid function.
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