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Low-Dose Aspirin Upregulates Tyrosine Hydroxylase And Increases Dopamine Production

  1. @haidut Sir, you will be very proud. You have mentioned Aspirin MANY times over the years. Well done.
  2. Absolutely. An important acknowledgement in a reputable journal for one of aspirins many abilities. It’s a great anti-depressive adjuvant, and as we see here not only because it’s cortisol lowering or anti-inflammatory
  3. Yes, thanks for posting this!
    Btw, the aspirin doses was really on the low side - the HED was just 0.15mg/kg, which means for most people even quarter of baby aspirin should have an effect. I have not used such low doses but in my experience even 1-2 regular tablets still have a strong anti-serotonin effect. So, the effects are probably also present in much higher doses.
  4. I don’t think there is much validity to the thesis that salicylic acid will lower testosterone chronically because it is an acid. We consume so much different acids every day. Caffeic acid, chlorogenic acids in Coffee, ellagic acid in fruits especially berries and countless others. Pests recommendations would essentially lead to hypogonadism if the thesis was true
  5. I'm not talking about gbol! Vulture posted a study, a couple of people their experiences etc..until the end of the second page.
  6. Aha, this is excellent welcome news!
    Rosmarinic acid (from rosemary) also upregulates the Tyrosine hydroxylase enzyme...

    Tyrosine hydroxylase catalyzes the initial & rate-limiting step in the biosynthetic pathway of catecholamines including dopamine, noradrenaline, & adrenaline.
    PS. noradrenaline & adrenaline aren't all that bad tbh. ensure sufficient GABA activation to mitigate adrenergic symptoms if necessary...

    ...I make Sodium Salicylate from 'scratch', as casually as I prepare my food.
    I use it in my tinctures alongside things like pure piperine, theanine, the sodium salt of pyroglutamic acid...
  7. You really are a wizard!