Low dose aspirin to treat inflamation induced insulin resisitance?


Jan 1, 2017
So i am currently at 300 lb and have a lot of visceral fat after pretty stressfull couple of years. So far i am in good overall health.
As far as i know people with a lot of visceral fat are insulin reisistant because the VF is acting like an organ and secrating inflammatory cytokines that induce insulin resitance.
I plan to take 250 mg x 3 timea a day to combat this.

Other things i am doing to lose weight:
Taking calcium supplement and trying to eat as much calcium rich foods.
Doing some exercises.
Eating all my protein, fats, fruits and veggetables first and all my carbs atleast 15 minutes after that. I saw some studies that it helps with blood sugar menagment.

I am open to advices, suggestions and critique.

Jem Oz

Jun 13, 2016
I'd add niacinamide to the mix. That plus the aspirin might make weight loss slower, but they'll do a lot more good in the long run and prevent excessive PUFA release.
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