Low Calorie, Low Carb Intake Lowers T3 And Increases RT3


Mar 18, 2013
USA / Europe
Perfectly logical findings for those following Peat, but it is nonetheless nice to see even a mainstream "broscience" blog conclude that the only solution to curing the chronic low T3 syndrome is...to eat more and make sure a lot of the food is carbs. Also, it seems that people are also finally wisening up to the dangers of taking pure T4 given that on a suboptimal diet (low carb) it will mostly convert to rT3 and wreak even more havoc on metabolism.
Btw, only 4 days of calorie restriction are enough to wreak the havoc.

http://suppversity.blogspot.com/2014/10 ... ntake.html

"...I know you will be asking, but aside from simply eating more there is no way to cure low T3 symptom. In fact the worst thing you can do is to get a script for T4 from your doc, because this will only elevate the inactive thyroid hormone (=break) rT3."


Jan 22, 2013
isn't it a shame, how there is all that info out there that in order to detox and heal you must fast? or eat less? its terrible, that's like the opposite of how you detox and heal...the body need extra energy to do that

nice find


Nov 30, 2012
pboy said:
isn't it a shame, how there is all that info out there that in order to detox and heal you must fast? or eat less? its terrible, that's like the opposite of how you detox and heal...the body need extra energy to do that

nice find

The most popular suggestion is to drink more water. That, and exercise.
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