Love For Instant Coffee


Nov 30, 2019
Does anyone else, like me, prefer instant coffee to all the other coffee options out there?

Instant coffee is cheap, quick, full of flavour (if you pick the right one). The lattes I make with instant coffee are much tastier than with a French press or stovetop, even with expensive, freshly roasted beans. Admittedly I've never tried using paper filters, as Ray does, but I can't imagine it would make that much difference.

As an anxiety sufferer, I cope far better with instant coffee than with any other. It rarely gives me that adrenaline kick that I always risk with all the others. It's just somehow gentler: perhaps the caffeine content is lower.

Ray himself believes that all the benefits that can be reaped from coffee can just as well be reaped from instant coffee (the caffeine, the magnesium, the niacin).

Anyone else feel this way?

Oh, and if anyone is interested, my instant coffee of choice is this one.
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Sep 25, 2018
Yeah I like it too. @schultz got me on it. :happy: I'll definitely experiment with other methods of preparation in the future tho, as I believe taste-wise IC can be improved upon.


Jun 26, 2017
I wonder if it is inherently lower in mold by-products, a frequent contaminator of coffee beans. Instant agrees with me better than brewed coffee.


Oct 12, 2015
What are the brands that have no additives? Some of them specify that it may contain wheat or soy. But I have a suspicion that most brands do not mention the additives even when they add it.
Apr 29, 2020
United Kingdom
I like Kenco, a bit pricey but very nice :):
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