lots of courage needed,preferrably a buddy

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  1. Dutchie

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    Nov 21, 2012
    Hi everyone,

    Ive got an entire past of chubbiness in a sorta male like way(am female) from a fairly early age,food vs exercise issues despite fatigue,then the lyme revealed itself which kinda brougtj me towards paleo due to an intolerance test,got even more scared of eating&getting fat again bc of all their theories and the fasting thing.
    So,a couple of weeks ago i hired a chekpractitioner online whos peat inspired. He basically wants me to eat 3balanced meals a day with snacks and at a consistent 3000.cals. for years ive unknowingly have such an disordered eating pattern,which even got worse by paleo,fear of macros etc. That im totally scared shitless of having to start from. monday,how to go about it all etc.
    Id really love to be a badass fatproof eater such as people over at 180degrees but most days i wake. Up feeling so anxious/lethargic or whatever and then i go to the gym to try to workout which most of the time lifts my mood a bit. Brigth sunny days seem to only help me.

    Anyway,ive got one week left to try to get myself on a structu4ed eating and preparing track bc the week after im starting a 3month workplacement as a trainee road-maker which is a hard job and kinda unheard of when done by females...so i probably need the 3000cals. I really wanna succeed at this job bc after 3years living on minimal wellfare this is my only way out towards a paid job again.

    But due to my past i get so scared of eating,especially sometimes when i can eat away like 100mph,feeling 'too good' but especially these awkward anxious,lethargic,depressed,restless bouts out of nothing start to become unbarable.
    I could really use a role model/buddy to help me through.

    The thing i actually always dreamed of the most is being able to immigrate to a country with a nice sunny warm climate,live near a beach learn to surf,kickbox etc.do all kinds of fun active things 'eatin bananana pancakes' as jack johnson sings (though. I also wont mind it being a coconut). That would seem my ultimate cure....Cliff,your life seems so awesome to me.
    So,if anyone could provide a refuge for me,ill do anything workwise,id be over the moon!

    But for now,support will also work
    P.s is it really. true that gelatin keeps you lean and detoxes liver?bc i think thats why i have yearlong issues with storing/tolerating much fructose especially. bc satfats are stored in liver too. I think it needs to detox so much that it doesnt have room for bothi just want to be a normal person again,damnit!
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    Feb 24, 2013
    Save your money and eat what you want...just eat a little at a time and often. Pay attention to how you feel after eating something, 20 minutes later and the next day. Your needs may change from day to day depending on if its sunny/lovely or overcast/gloomy. Stressing over food is as harmful as eating something "bad".

    Joy to you on your journey!