Jul 21, 2019
Near the Promised Land
I notice some feature mix ups and combinations.

Guys with stronger jaws (not sure about women though) tend to have larger ears, but there are guys with big ears and longer chins (downward protruding more than forward) that lack the same jaw types and facial broadness.

Since the effects of GH (and correlation with estrogens) play an impact on tissues and development, what can we draw from these feature combos? Anything of relevance in understanding facial development factors, among other things?

Broad faces tend to have bigger ears and more forward facial/maxilla protrusion, whereas downward grown faces may likely have the long but drooping chin look (less width probably too) more often along with the bigger ears possibility, suggesting a different possible "route" of growth factors in the shaping and maintenance of the face maybe?

Also some with overall "weaker" features may just have everything in a sort of "undergrown" appearance which might suggest subpar GH exposure or some other explanation as to why some faces that have that width and prominence/strong feature set tend to have larger ears accompanying them, while maybe the opposite holds true as well (smaller ears with weaker or less prominent overall features, trabecular bone shape, narrowed look and so on)?

Peat correlates GHs as stressors and that they are not youth hormones as the media might tout. Since they also lend a hand in the growth of tissue/cartilage we could surmise that those maybe with bigger ears and more trabecular bone protrusion/flaring have been exposed to more of its expression or effects in some way.

Not sure since GH is said to make bones bigger, but not sure about stronger since that is a factor of CO2, diet and hormones overall.

But yes, I have seen some facial structures and features fit together in some complimentary manners/combinations that might suggest certain growth factors and hormones, environment and etc. that might mitigate one "plane" of growth while at other times do the opposite, or something in-between depending on balancing of effects.

Some "stock" examples of the wider and prominent facial feature sets:

Visible ramus; larger ear size; gonial angle not too steep; jaw or mandible body comes forward; some chin but not usually pointy or narrow or too long/vertical; face is pretty wide; face comes out and forward like it is pulled forward somehow.

Some other examples of the other kind I notice:

Face is narrow; short or no ramus; may have big ears but may also not; steep mandible angle; "weaker" features like no balanced nose or cheekbone protrusion or angularity if that is the right term in this context; weak chin protrusion forward but might have lots of length going down as if the jaw is a long slide at a playground. This overall can coincide with a "droopy" kind of look, especially dependent on factors like stress, age and bodyfat or maybe other unaccounted reasons too.
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