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One funny thing is that that site claims that citric acid enhances iron absorption, but the reference they cite claims citric acid reduces iron absorption.

Improvement of iron nutrition in developing countries: comparison of adding meat, soy protein, ascorbic acid, citric acid, and ferrous sulphate on iron absorption from a simple Latin American-type of meal.
L Hallberg and L Rossander

A study in 49 subjects compared different methods for increasing the absorption of iron from a simple Latin American-type meal composed of maize, rice, and black beans. The addition of meat (75 g) increased the nonheme iron absorption from 0.17 to 0.45 mg; soy protein in an amount corresponding to the protein content of the meat increased the absorption to 0.51 mg (due to the high iron content of soy flour); cauliflower as a source of ascorbic acid (65 mg) increased the absorption to 0.58 mg, pure ascorbic acid (50 mg) to 0.41 mg, and ferrous sulphate mixed into the meal in an amount (6 mg) corresponding to the iron content of the soy flour increased the absorption to 0.64 mg. The addition of citric acid (1 g) reduced the absorption to 0.06 mg (to about one-third). We conclude that several methods are available for increasing iron absorption from a Latin American meal and that the choice of method depends on several factors, particularly cost.


So apparently Sprite, which contains citric acid, could reduce absorption by 66%, a greater reduction than that of coffee?


Nov 1, 2012
Interesting. The link in your first post says citric acid enhances iron absorption.
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