Lithium Toxicity. But How?


Jul 29, 2018
I had a heavy metals urine test performed in 2017. Lithium came back off the charts.

Lithium: 673 ug/g (Range: 9-129)

The doctor performing the test just blew it off. He said that maybe my drinking water was high in lithium.

I had a hair mineral analysis performed in 2019. My lithium came back off the charts on the hair test as well.

I've spent months scouring the internet looking for an answer, and I've found none. I've never taken a lithium supplement or any medication containing high amounts of lithium.

My symptoms for the past 5 years:
- Dysautonomia/Hyperadrenergic POTS (confirmed via table tilt test. Norepinephrine levels at 1100 ng. Normal range is 100-700 ng.
- Severe insomnia
- Anxiety
- Manic episodes mixed with depressive episodes

What I find unusual is that lithium is often used in Bipolar disorder for BLOCKING norepinephrine. So how in the hell do I have such high lithium levels combined with elevated adrenaline levels/Hyperadrenergic POTS? How do I have chronic bipolar symptoms with high lithium levels?

Remember, I have NEVER taken a lithium supplement. I have NEVER taken a lithium medication. I drink reverse osmosis water, so my water source isn't the issue as the first doctor suggested.

The only possible answer I can imagine is that my chronically elevated norepinephrine levels are displacing my lithium stores into my hair and urine and creating the illusion of elevated lithium levels.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on my situation?
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