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Liquid Stool

Lord Cola

Jun 8, 2017
Hi all,

I've been following a Peaty diet for about three weeks now. My daily diet consists of 1 soft-boiled egg, 1 quart of orange juice, 2 quarts of milk with 6 tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, 4 tablespoons of gelatin, and 8 teaspoons of instant coffee. I eat Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream and some parmigiano-reggiano whenever I feel like. I occasionally eat beef liver and oysters. I don't eat carrot because it gives me horribly oily skin that gets extremely uncomfortable. I had to wash my face about 5 times a day when I was eating carrots so that I didn't feel disgusting.

I've been getting liquid stools ever since I've been on this diet. There's almost no solid stuff. It feels exactly like I'm urinating, but through a different passage (sorry about the graphic description). I'm trying to figure out if this is a bad sign. I feel great otherwise, and I'm not experiencing any noticeable bloating at all, despite there being a lot of gas.

Perhaps I'm having this reaction because of too much coffee, hence too much magnesium? How much coffee do you drink? I read that Peat drinks about 5 cups of coffee a day. But I'm not sure how much coffee he puts in a cup, so that information does not help me very much. If anybody has a quote by him on how much actual coffee he drinks, it would be very helpful.

I guess I wouldn't be surprised if this were a normal reaction to this diet, since it is mostly liquid after all. I just want to make sure that I'm not making a mistake. Should I be concerned about this? What might I be able to do to fix it?

I really appreciate your help.


Jun 7, 2016
There is no Peat diet, only recommendations based context which needs to be understood. Ray is not a authority over what you put in your body and its not wise to copy his own personal diet. He has never specified exactly how much coffee he consumes just that when he buys it, it doesn't last long, implying he enjoys drinking it often, how often no one knows. It comes back down perceiving whats happening, thinking about it and then proceeding to act.

If I were to gamble, I would say it could be the gelatin, guessing that you weren't previously consuming 4 tablespoons per day and seems it reacts with gut bacteria and takes time to adapt to. Maybe cut it out and see if symptoms improve and then slowly ad it pack into the diet to see.

Another guess is it could be the dairy assuming you weren't already consuming 2 quarts of milk per day, ice-cream and cheese. Depending on your the lactase enzyme status, it might take some take for you to adjust to those amounts of dairy and maybe try backing off on the dairy and see wether symptoms improve and then slowly ad it back in and see.

Im not sure about the carrot situation. Might be reacting to the beta-carotine.

If your metabolism is not optimal and guessing it might not be as you wouldn't be attempting this style of eating if it were optimal, it may be overloading your current capacity though in time this can greatly improve.

Experiment and find what works for you. There is no perfect diet and our environment is always changing and we will always need to keep adapting to these changes.


Mar 7, 2017
All signs point to impaired digestion based on your post. In the short term you can add activated charcoal 1-4T every other day to remove gut bacteria.

You can also try adding BCAA's to improve digestion.

Amino Acid Supplementation For People With Poor Digestion

.....and adding high-dose caffeine to increase digestion.

Caffeine Reverses Stress, Insulin Resistance, Hypertension

.....and finally, you can lower the liquid by replacing milk with cheese/yogurt, coffee with caffeine + mag, while keeping the OJ (fresh if possible).



Apr 6, 2017
whenever I add supplemental Mg, I get very loose or watery stools. Cure: no supplemental Mg. Also, every other day or two, I eat a grated carrot salad, I supplement daily with 1tsp powdered egg shells. Only one cup of coffee/day.

A. squamosa

Sep 27, 2016
also, include a bit of fibre, you've got none in there! some medjool dates every so often, mushrooms, papaya, watermelon, that sorta thing!

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