Liposomal Glutathione Help


May 10, 2017
I recently ordered liposomal glutathione and took a little once without any issues. As the week went on I began having neck pain (never happened before) I didn't realize it could be the L.G. so I took it again. An extremely low dosage and had almost an electric feeling in my upper neck cervical spine area and some uncomfortable stiffness/pain. I also have taken myo-inositol a few times the past 2 weeks. I made some rose hips, milk thistle, paudarco tea and ate some buttered rice with a little nutritional yeast. drank some orange juice and I feel better.... the pain almost completely subsided. so strange. was that a detox reaction? from the inositol or L.G? scares me because I don't want to mess with my nervous system. but if I have some latent virus in there I am possibly eradicating I obviously am willing to deal with being uncomfortable. btw I literally never get sick, but have a tendency to be low energy.

I was about to order haiduts melanon, kuinone, and oxide and now I'm worried I'm messing with my body too much...or like I said Im going in a positive direction and just having a herx reaction.

sometimes google can do more harm than good. This Web page didnt ease my worry :wtf:clap:chill

Shai Hulud

Jan 29, 2018
I tend to get this same problem, especially if wait for some time for it to get absorbed in the mouth. Taurine helps, so I figured it is too much of it becoming GSSG without being recycled fast enough; GSSG will activate NMDAR and taurine helps this by catching intracellular calcium and also interacting with GABAR


Dec 9, 2015
@hiconscience ever figure this out. Asking since I've been getting something similar, I think maybe due to liposomal vitamin C.
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