Levo gives me high BP- is anyone using small doses of T3 with meals in lieu of levo?


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Dec 18, 2020
Even small starting doses of levo spike my BP. TSH of 3.2 frees below midrange. Started on 50 mcg Levo. Within a week BP is 160/90. What can cause this? Does anyone just use small divided doses of cytomel 5-15 mcg with meals to address mild TSH elevation?


Jun 13, 2019
BP dysregulation almost always comes down to calcium/sodium. do you eat enough of both? or regulators like vitamin k/D?


Feb 13, 2016
In his book Nutrition for Women Dr. Peat writes that thyroxine potentiates adrenaline, which increases blood presssure. But what it's doing is unmasking an imbalance that was already there (due to low calcium/vitamin K and excess iron/phosphate), and isn't itself the root cause of the problem.
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