Lazy men recipes / food advices // how much time do you spend to prepare food?


Nov 24, 2017
Lazy men food advices to reach nutritional goals?

and any Tipps how to safe time preparing food ?


Sep 4, 2020
and any Tipps how to safe time preparing food ?

I make a pot of bone broth big enough to last a week or so, freeze it in desirable sized chunks, and then when I want a quick meal I just put a chunk or two into a multi cooker (mine has a pressure function, so it cooks faster) + some water + any food/spices I feel like having in the soup. When it's almost ready, I might break an egg into the soup. It's like 3 minutes to throw everything in, and 10-20 minutes waiting.


Jan 15, 2016
Lazy men food advices to reach nutritional goals?

and any Tipps how to safe time preparing food ?
Pulp free oj concentrate

instant coffee+milk+sugar

The above with gelatin in the fridge; portable

mix milk powder gelatin powder sugar a little milk and vanilla with handmixer

Perry Staltic

Dec 14, 2020
I mix in frozen diced cauliflower to most of my meals. Cheap, nutricious, good texture, complex carb, filling with low calories.
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