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Lapodin - Liquid Emodin/β-lapachone Mix

  1. Peat has written many articles on the topic of quinones and their effects on metabolism / respiration. The earliest official work probably started around the time of William Koch in the early 20th century and continues to this day. Many people are familiar with the popular quinone CoQ10 but there are other ones Ray has written about over the years, including anthraquinones like emodin and napththoquinones like vitamin K. Vitamin K has recently been found to be able to server as an alternative electron carrier for the electron transport chain even in the complete absence of CoQ10, so its importance in metabolism is indisputable.
    Another napththoquinone that William Koch worked with in his later life while exiled in Brasil was lapachone - found in the bark of the Lapacho tree (aka Pau D'Arco, Tabebuia avellanedae). Lapachone was intensively studies in the 1960s and 1970s as a treatment for cancer but interest waned as the genetic theory of cancer conquered academia and the medical profession.
    Being quinones, both emodin and beta-lapachone are intimately involved in the proper functioning of the electron transport chain, the recycling of NADH back to NAD and protecting from the systemic effects of stress and aging. In addition to these metabolic / systemic effects, both quinones have been shown to have a staggering array of effects including protecting from radiation, hypoxia, inflammation, endotoxin, diabetes, cortisol, aldosterone, estrogen, prolactin, serotonin, histamine, nitric oxide (NO), carbon monoxide (CO) viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even the aging process in general. Given their profoundly systemic effects, it is very likely that these two quinones can contribute to improved well-being and resistance to stress, aging, and frailty. The full list of references on both substances is so large that I had to post them as separate threads, which can be found at the bottom of this thread in the References section. As a shorter alternative, below are a few quotes from Peat in regards to these amazing substances.

    Cascara, energy, cancer and the FDA's laxative abuse.
    "...Emodin inhibits the formation of nitric oxide, increases mitochondrial respiration, inhibits angiogenesis and invasiveness, inhibits fatty acid synthase (Zhang, et al., 2002), inhibits HER-2 neu and tyrosine phosphorylases (Zhang, et al., 1995, 1999), and promotes cellular differentiation in cancer cells (Zhang, et al., 1995). The anthraquinones, like other antiinflammatory substances, reduce leakage from blood vessels, but they also reduce the absorption of water from the intestine. Reduced water absorption can be seen in a slight shrinkage of cells in certain circumsstances, and is probably related to their promotion of cellular differentiation."

    "...Zelnorm was said to “act like serotonin.” Serotonin slows metabolism, reduces oxygen consumption, and increases free radicals such as superoxide and nitric oxide;the production of reactive oxygen species is probably an essential part of its normal function. Emodin has an opposing effect, increasing the metabolic rate. It increases mitochondrial oxygen consumption and ATP synthesis, while decreasing oxidative damage (Du and Ko, 2005, 2006; Huang, et al., 1995)."

    "...Emodin isn’t a magic bullet (in fact it isn’t a bullet/toxin of any sort), but when combined with all the other adaptogens, it does have a place in cancer therapy, as well as in treating many other ailments. None of the basic metaphors of mainstream medicine--receptors, lock-and-key, membrane pores and pumps--can account for the laxative, anticancer, cell-protective effects of emodin. The new interest in it provides an opportunity to continue to investigate the effects of adjusting the electrical state of the cell substance, building on the foundations created by William F. Koch, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, and Gilbert Ling."

    Cancer: Disorder and Energy

    "...Emodin and the anthraquinones (and naphthoquinones, such as lapachone) weren’t the reagents that Koch considered the most powerful, but emodin can produce to some degree all of the effects that he believed could be achieved by correcting the cellular respiratory apparatus:Antiinflammatory, antifibrotic (Wang, et al., 2007) antiviral, antidepressant, heart protective, antioxidant, memory enhancing, anticancer, anxiolytic and possibly antipsychotic."

    "...Emodin, an anti-inflammatory substance found in cascara sagrada bark and other plants, is similar to other molecules that have been used for treating cancer, and one of its effects is to lower HIF: "Consistently, emodin attenuated the expression of cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2), VEGF, hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha (HIF-1!), MMP-1 and MMP-13 at mRNA level in IL-1" and LPS-treated synoviocytes under hypoxia" (Ha, et al., 2011). MMP-1 and MMP-13 are collagenase enzymes involved in metastasis. When cells are fully nourished, supplied with protective hormones, and properly illuminated, their ability to communicate should be able to govern their movements, preventing--and possibly reversing--metastatic migration."

    Heart and hormones
    "...Rhubarb and emodin (a chemical found in rhubarb and cascara) have been found to have heart protective actions. A considerable amount of research showed that vitamin K is effective for treating hypertension, but again, most doctors warn against its use, because of its reputation as a clot forming vitamin. Recently, the value of the "blood thinner" warfarin, a vitamin K antagonist, has been questioned for people with heart failure (An, et al., 2013; Lee, et al., 2013). There have been several recent warnings about the production of arrhythmia by drugs that increase serotonin's effects (e.g., Stillman, et al., 2013)."

    Note: This product contains raw material(s) meant for external use only, in cosmetic or other formulations designed for such external use.

    Lapodin is a dietary supplement containing the napththoquinone beta-lapachone (β-lapachone) and the anthraquinone emodin. The name is a combination of the names beta-lapapachone and emodin. Both quinones have been the subject of hundreds of independent studies going back to the early 1900s, and are purported to have a powerful systemic effect on health, including boosting metabolism/respiration.

    Serving size: 20 drops
    Servings per container: about 30
    Each serving contains the following ingredients:

    Beta-lapachone - 5mg
    Emodin - 20mg

    Other ingredients: add product to shopping cart to see info

    1. Beta-lapachone / β-lapachone: Amazing Medicinal Properties Of Beta-lapachone (β-lapachone)
    2. Emodin: Amazing Medicinal Properties Of Emodin
  2. Cool. Are those laxatives ?
  3. Bravo! You're on fire man! Thanks for this wonderful work! Do you think too much quinones can be somehow detrimental? Let's say one takes k2+q10+lapodin...
  4. Emodin definitely can be, depending on dose. I don't think beta-lapachone is. Even emodin is not laxative in lower doses and it has some pretty beneficial effects in low doses including blocking cortisol synthesis and blocking the estrogen "receptor".
  5. Thanks! I really enjoy doing this.
    I think you are on the right track. Too much of anything that stimulates metabolism beyond what the food/glycogen stores can handle will probably cause a stress reaction. But in lower doses, say 1/2 dose Lapodin, the effects should be more on lowering stress hormones and inflammation. I thin a few drops of Kuinone and 1/2 dose of Lapodin is fine. No need to add CoQ10 as vitamin K can serve as electron carrier instead of CoQ10. Also, the CoQ10 supplements on the market right now may not be quite pure. All of the ones I have tried give me an endotoxin reaction unlike the Thorne's vitamin K, and Kuinone.
  6. Amazing .. well done!
  7. Awesome!

    With what frequency do people take emodin or beta-lapachone?
  8. Depends on the purpose. The studies for lowering cortisol, helping diabetes, obesity, etc were all 4-8 week trials with a single daily dose in the range found in Lapodin. Cancer trials use much more beta lapachone (800mg+) but that may be out of desperation to prove a positive effect.
  9. Thanks haidut. Coincidentally I was trying find a good source cascara today :D
  10. [​IMG]

    There's only room for a single digit number, but it doesn't seem like we'll need any more than that. Nice job, Haidut.
  11. I hope you don't mind, Dan.

  12. Lol, this is cool. I have a few more coming along so hopefully we will keep it a single digit number. Also, I don't see them being more than 20 altogether in agreement of the principles of systemicity. There are only so many substances known currently to have wide systemic effect.

  13. Thank you, thank you! I think the recognition should also go to Ray, Danny, and all the people form the forum who make this venue of expression free and accessible for everyone.
  14. What's the absorption rate for topical? Can you expand on its into inflammatory properties?
  15. Does the combo eliminate, or somewhat reduce the laxative effects?
  16. Haidut, can it be used to treat constipation? if Yes, would the dosage be different from what you have listed above?
    I tried cascara in the past and had to stop it due to stomach discomfort and green bowels.
  17. My experience with a heaped teaspoon of powered tabebuia daily is that it's not laxative, while less than a quarter teaspoon of cascara is. I've been seeking info on how much emodin / lapachone in the powdered herb(s), do you know haidut?
  18. This was a question for me, too.
  19. haidut-
    I've been taking Cascara off and on for a long time.
    Same with Pau D'Arco.
    Could you describe roughly how your active ingredient of those herbals
    The Cascara and D'Arco capsules I take approximately 500mg of the bark.

    I also wondered, along with the other poster, how your product might differ (or not)
    in terms of the laxative effect of the barks.

    (While I'm on the subject of quinones...I've wondered if you have some magic way of distilling
    the active quinone from Black Cumin, thymoquinone? The products I've seen have (it seems) at lot of PUFA oil, and the one I tried had a strong taste like thyme that I'd sortuv burb up a bit, unpleasantly. Peat has mentioned the Black Cumin positively.)
  20. Haidut,
    I noticed in your pubmed listings that the emodins can inhibit fibrosis and inflammation, specifically in the heart and lungs. Could Lapodin help with cystic fibrosis since that is mainly lung inflammation and fibrosis in other organs? Seems like it would be beneficial.
  21. Thanks for the new product. Am I right in thinking Lapodin would be effective against colds and flu, the way Oxidal is, but without the potential MAO effects?
  22. The links I posted on both substances have an entire section on the antiinflammatory properties and mechanisms. If you go through these it would be very informative. At a high level, both cascara and lapacho extracts inhibit the COX and LOX enzymes, iNOS, estrogen, and prolactin.
    As far as absorption, I get the same effects on temperature from a single topical dose that I get from 3 daily doses taken morning/noon/evening. Not sure what that means for absorption but I think it is much higher topically than orally. Also, both quinones are known to be poorly absorbed orally and this is the reason behind the laxative effects of emodin.
  23. Yes, that's what the research indicates. But I think it would be even more effective when combined with Oxidal or other methylene blue products.
  24. The more direct studies I have seen on this were with taurine, since taurine is also both anti-fibrotic and also improves digestion, which is compromised in people with cystic fibrosis. That being said, both emodin and beta lapachone have some of the same mechanisms of action and have reversed fibrosis of the heart/liver in studies. So, they should help. Other powerful anti-fibrotic substances are theanine, glycine, and caffeine.
  25. It's not the combo per se but the topical application that should reduce the laxative effect. The laxative effects is due mainly do the poor absorbability of the anthraquinones so that they are able to reach the colon and exert anti-inflammatory effect mostly there. However, their systemic effect also contributes and with topical application it should be primarily the systemic effect that manifests itself.
  26. A very high quality cascara bark usually has about 8% emodin by weight and very high quality lapacho bark is usually about 4% beta lapachone.
  27. So @haidut to clarify, if a person was using cascara primarily FOR its laxative effects (if bowel movements were infrequent) then would Lapodin still be helpful in this regard? Or do you think taking cascara (or any laxative-producing substance) for this reason is not to be encouraged?
  28. Lapodin would still be helpful due to the higher doses of emodin it provides than what one would ingest from typical cascara supplement even in multi-gram doses per day. So, even taken topically it should have a colon-shrinking effect if the colon if inflamed and absorbing too much water but the effects would be more systemic than local colonic effect.
  29. Ok great to know. Thanks
  30. Feedback time;
    I've had some heavy cortisol/adrenaline going for a few days after a very stressful event, muscles weak, heart pounding, feeling my pulse where i normally dont (back of my hands, and elsewhere), relaxation impossible.
    Tried to kill it with salt, sugar, etc, but nothing could make me calm down.
    For some reason didnt try Lapodin until today - but boy am i glad i did!

    10 min after applying 3-4 drops on each forearm my body is relaxing. Heartbeat is settling down, pulse no longer thumping all over. Thank god.

    I've also had the same calming effect before from a few drops of Kuinone topically.

    Thank you @haidut for a seriously helpful product :)
  31. Awesome! Thank you for sharing.
  32. Feedback: 1 week of using topically-ramping up from 5, 10 to 24 drops per day (24 is the suggested dosage). Now taking 15 drops am and 5-10drops pm.

    Very relaxed feeling within 10-20 minutes-greatly improved dropping off to sleep and staying asleep. Plus plus -so this is helping with stress hormones (cortisol perhaps adrenalin)

    I'm using in combination with 2 drops (from a 1 ounce diluted) methylene blue in the am to assist with estrogen and prolactin reduction. I noticed immediate (next day and ongoing daily) improvement with these dominance symptoms. This is what I originally purchased it for and Im very happy with these results.

    When I use it after b-fast, it kills my appetite for lunch and seems to suppress it throughout the rest of the day-this was unexpected. Im not sure why this is happening.

    Increase in # of bowel movements but nothing drastic or extreme.

    The only issue I have (and its not a big deal but worth a mention) is that the little bottle seems to clog with some of the dark material near the tip. If I'm not careful it will clog and then suddenly unclog and gets all over the place. Shaking the bottle helps a bit but I've had to use a sterilized needle tip to push the matter down into the bottle and then shake.
    This is a very dark colored product-dark brown-but it does not stain the skin. The brown color absorbs completely into skin within a couple of minutes.

    Overall very pleased with this product. I'll report back. Unless it stops working, I want to keep using it for the effective reduction of estrogen and prolactin symptoms.
  33. Anyone that used this some kind of mouth wash?

    I was wondering if that could be a use case, as emodin seems to help with caries.
  34. Perfect, thanks for the feedback! The sediment issue should be resolved in the latest batch as we started filtering the liquid before pouring into the bottles. May I ask then you bought your Lapodin?
  35. @haidut I bought it no more than 2-3 weeks ago.
  36. OK, let me look into that. I just checked the current batch and I don't see any large particle sediment in it. I can send you a replacement bottle if you'd like.
  37. @haidut thank you I think I'm fine with my bottle. I just thought it worth a mention and a little warning to others To avoid accidental spills/waste of product and potential staining.
    Your offer does say a lot about you standing behind your products and increases my estimation of and trust in your brand. I appreciate that.
  38. Is there a maximum safe dose? First time I took it I accidentally took 40 drops and I felt a more beneficial effect
  39. I don't know that there is a maximum beneficial dose but in higher doses it may think the blood, as both emodin and beta-lapachone have this effect. It is probably due to the estrogen antagonism. So, some vitamin K may be warranted with higher doses, but I don't know how much and in what ratio to the emodin/lapachone. The dose in Lapodin is based on things Peat has written about emodin an Cascara in the past and an email I exchanged with him on beta-lapachone. Taking 2-3 doses daily may give you doses similar to the ones with animals for diabetes, cortisol, cancer, dementia, etc. But it is those higher doses that may need extra vitamin K.
  40. Just placed an order for Lapodin. Looking forward to trying your product, and I'll make a log and report any benefits.
  41. Perfect, thanks!
  42. @haidut Just received my Lapodin. Is it okay to refrigerate your product?
  43. Yes, Lapodin is OK to refrigerate and it will probably not precipitate like the steroid supplements.
  44. I’m having really good results with Lapodin. I’m 55 and going through menopause. I’ve been taking Lapodin for over a month now.

    The first thing I noticed was a reduction in hot flashes – after taking only 5 drops a day. I still ‘flush’ sometimes – but it’s seems to be linked to emotions or low blood sugar. I also felt hot all the time – in an uncomfortable way, which has completely gone away.

    I’ve had problems with a high heart rate for years – my resting rate is usually 100. Using 12 drops at one time, I’ve experienced my heart rate going from 104 to 92 within 20 minutes. My resting rate now is typically 88 to 92.

    If I take the full dose (24 drops – I spread it out over the day) I sleep better.

    But in conjunction to Lapodin I have to take extra magnesium (I use Epsom salts dissolved in water on my skin – it’s very unscientific – I have no idea how much I’m getting). I also have to keep up with enough calories.

    If I drink too much caffeine my heart rate will go back to 100, or if I'm nervous my heart rate will go up.

    Thanks so much for making this Haidut – it’s been really really helpful.
  45. This is awesome @Surfari, thanks for sharing. If you end up getting some blood tests related or unrelated to Lapodin use, please share the results if you think they are of note and are willing to share of course.
    Glad things are getting better. The quinones in Lapodin increase metabolism, so not surprised you have to eat more. I also lose weight on high dose Lapodin, but that's just me.
  46. @haidut Do you think rubbing lapodin in the gums could be helpful? I'm doing this, and it seems to help with gum inflammation, more so than rubbing estroban for me.
  47. Oh absolutely, I just did not want to say it given that most people can't stand the taste of DMSO. However, we have switched to odorless DMSO for all DMSO-based supplements and that one seems to have milder taste. I would also try rubbing methylene blue as it seems to have a similar effect.
  48. I just wanted to post this for everybody using or thinking of ordering Lapodin.
    We are now using an odor-free DMSO as a solvent for the quinones and this type of DMSO also seems dramatically lower the incidence of skin irritation as well.
  49. In theory they should help any fibrotic condition. For cystic fibrosis, serotonin is probably the main issue and something like cyproheptadine may be even better. There is a study on using 5-HT2B antagonists like cypro and lisuride for fibrotic conditions. Google it as I can't remember the exact title right now.
  50. Here are links to studies about serotonin (5-HT2B) antagonists reducing fibrosis in heart, liver, and lung respectively:

    5-HT2B receptor antagonists inhibit fibrosis and protect from RV heart failure. - PubMed - NCBI
    5-HT2B receptor antagonists inhibit fibrosis and protect from RV heart failure.

    Ketanserin, a serotonin 2A receptor antagonist, alleviates ischemia-related biliary fibrosis following donation after cardiac death liver transplan... - PubMed - NCBI
    Ketanserin, a serotonin 2A receptor antagonist, alleviates ischemia-related biliary fibrosis following donation after cardiac death liver transplantation in rats.

    Modulation of bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis by serotonin receptor antagonists in mice. - PubMed - NCBI
    Modulation of bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis by serotonin receptor antagonists in mice.
  51. Perfect, thanks!
  52. I have been using Lapodin for several weeks. It always seemed to irritate my skin but I ignored it A few days ago I put several drops on the inside of my forearm as always but that evening I noticed the slight brown stain was still visible. I washed my forearm with soap and water but the slightly darkened area remained! I haven't used the Lapodin in about three days but incredibly the stain although barely visible is still there (confirmed by my wife so not my imagination). I can't imagine why or how this happened but am wondering if anyone else has experienced similar results?
  53. I feel that this is an underrated product. I mean, look at that research! Incredible stuff, here, and with what we know about quinones, it's probably doing so much more.

    @ejalrp maybe try using a smaller dose?

    I rubbed 2 drops in my scalp. I felt really good for a few seconds like I just took an aspirin. 15 minutes later, I had a bowel movement. This is typical in my experience with this supplement, but I have inflammatory bowel disease, so it might come with the territory. It was kind of loose but not watery. And all of my bowel movements have been very well-formed, tending slightly towards constipation for the past month at least. I'm not sure I'm a big fan of this effect, lol, but if I plan things right, it can be a good thing. I sure could use a decrease on my endotoxin burden. Maybe I will become tolerant. I'm willing to do more testing with this.

    30 minutes later, I'm getting sleepy, which is always what happens to me with a reduction in stress hormones especially cortisol.
  54. Thanks for that feedback! I concur that Lapodin is probably the most underrated supplement we sell. If I had to take 3 supplements only, Lapodin would be one of them, and if I had to take 2 only Lapodin would also be one of them. In fact, I think Oxidal and Lapodin may be the most viable supplements for long term use that do not really need any breaks. Don't get me wrong, the other supplements are also great but the steroid ones probably need a break every few months, the thyroid can be hit/miss for many people, and things like MitoLipin seem a bit specific in their effects. The Oxidal, Kuinone, and Lapodin are the most broadly acting and benign for every day use even very long term.
    Please continue to keep us posted on effects from Lapodin. With the recent clinical trials using beta-lapachone I suspect those quinones are just starting to get famous :):
  55. I totally agree about Lapodin, I would describe it as Aspirin++, as it comes to effects. It always raises my temperature and mood. If I could take only two supplement, it would probably be lapodin and taurine. I don't experience any side effects of lapodin.

    Not sure about Oxidal, I think many people experience serotonin effects after long term use. No?
  56. I think Oxidal in low doses like Peat recommends (1-2 drops daily) is probably fine. Even sensitive people seem to do well on that dose. In theory, the MAO-A inhibition should happen on that dose unless it has been used for months and the MB really built up. But of course, if it's making you feel off then it's best not to take it.
  57. lapodin is one of the best things ive ever taken for having a good nights sleep
    ive also been combining it with tianeptine and as soon as my head hits the pillow im gone and wake up feeling well rested.

    and it tastes like ..
  58. @haidut
    I have knotty fibrotic breast tissue and constipation issues. (Though constipation has gotten better on taurine and mitolipin). I think I'll try this supplement out. Would applying directly to breasts be necessary or helpful?
  59. Lapodin hasn't caused a bowel movement in me for the past few days at the same dose (2 drops to the scalp). So I did build up a tolerance to that effect very quickly. Unfortunately, it seems to be making my hemorrhoids worse. This is not a problem with the supplement but with me, because I get worsening hemorrhoids with anything that lowers cortisol. Once I get my temps up, thyroid working, estrogen down, and CO2 up, I'm going to revisit this for sure, because I sleep so well when I'm using it. I know I'm making progress, though, because usually lowering cortisol makes my eczema flare up, too, and I haven't gotten that with Lapodin.
  60. So you take it orally? How much? Did you you try taking it topically and the oral path gives you better results in terms of sleep quality?
  61. It probably does not need to be directly on the breasts, as the quinones (once absorbed) will travel to whatever tissue is needed. But applying to the breast may give higher local concentration, so if may be helpful. I'd try away from the breasts first (say shoulders) and then on the breasts if there is no observable effect.
  62. Perfect, thanks for sharing! Probably due to the lower cortisol, so if you end up doing blood tests please share with the forum (if you are OK with that of course).
  63. You may want to try the same dose on the abdomen and closer to the pelvic area. But I would not be surprised if there is adaptation going on. I personally get this effects with anything I take for longer than 2 weeks, except possibly aspirin.
  64. i have not tried it topically ,
    ive been using the 24 drop dose all at once in the evening , i put it on a spoon then into my mouth and swish it around for abit before swallowing
  65. Happened to me but it eventually washed off. The problem was, I'd applied the drops and didn't rub them in much, just sort of let them dry on the skin. The trick for me is to rub the drops in really well, spreading the liquid as far as needed until it disappears.
  66. I have "IBS". So to be clear, does Lapodin push you toward diarrhea?
  67. Probably not when taken topically.
  68. Whenever I take this, even 1 drop topically, I feel pain in my gums. I've never gotten this with K2, no matter how much of that I take, but could this be the teeth-straightening effects of quinones? I still can't take it regularly because I'm dependent on cortisol, but I plan to in the future.
  69. It could be low grade periodontal infection that most adults have. The Lapodin has anti0bacterial effects and it can be affecting the local infected site. It is common to get localized pain in gums in the first 48 hours of taking antibiotics. If you ever had abcess tooth the feeling is even more pronounced as the bacteria dying off produces endotoxin.
    This hidden low-grade infection is the reason people go to get their "deep cleaning" at the dentist but it is not needed. Ray said recently that one of the best dentists he ever saw stopped doing dental cleaning after realizing that giving his patients low-dose antibiotics, charcoal, and other things that oppose endotoxin (even laxatives) reversed periodontal disease without the need for cleaning. So, it is a systemic problem like anything else and Lapodin may be affecting it due to the anti-bacterial effects of both emodin and beta-lapachone.
  70. Thanks. I'm going to try flower of sulfur. I already have some on order and hope it will help not just low grade infection but acne and hair loss.
  71. After trying Lapodin, I can honestly say it makes the biggest difference out of any supplement that I take.

    In terms of effectiveness, it's comparable to thyroid and better than aspirin.

    I feel more centered, calmer, warmer, have significantly clearer vision, and more how I think I should feel. Thank you for your products, haidut.
  72. How many drops, how many times per day?
  73. I started off with 1, then 2, then 5, 10, and then jumped to 24. I feel increasing positive effects as the dose increases. Dosed once in the morning after showering on my right arm.
  74. I have the exact same experience!
  75. Perfect, thank you! I managed to obtain some pure emodin and beta-lapachone and took 100mg of each to compare with Lapodin and the effects were the same for me. So, Lapodin probably has more emodin and beta lapachone than the label lists, but that is why we list the amounts as a lower bound (minimum), meaning every dose has AT LEAST that amount.
    I like my Lapodin as well. In combination with Oxidal it is hard to beat in terms of metabolic effects. And unlike thyroid, I don't think you can take too big of a dose to trigger release of stress hormones. In fact, due to both emodin and beta lapachone lowering cortisol, the effects would be becoming even calmer.
  76. @Dave Foster: do you rub it into your forearm or just leave the drops on your forearm to dry by themselves?
  77. I thought I'd answer you while you're waiting for Dave. For me, I tried just applying the drops to let them dry, and it stains the skin. When I rub the drops in, spreading them over the skin thoroughly, there's no stain. But if you use a lot of drops in one area, it requires more spreading not to stain. I have used it in some areas without over-spreading in order to obtain a slight "suntanned" look on purpose, tbh.
  78. Thank you, yes! Now I Can admit to doing that as well :p feels Like a smear-on tan. Amazing how much it looks Like Real tan. Ahh
  79. Completely agree about the tan. I rub them in as well.
  80. Yay for @haidut 's dual-purpose Lapodin - sunless tanner/bronzer. :rollingred
  81. Lol, the law of unintended consequences! I love it, as long as it protects people from skin cancer and the UV exposure they get in tanning salons. Or maybe they don't even need tanning salons any more. Just rub Lapodin and be merry :)
  82. What's the half-life on emodin and beta-lapachone?
  83. Emodin has a half-life of about 3.5h when administered orally and up to 50h when administered IV (and likely topically as well). Beta-lapachone likely has a half-life in excess of 11 hours.
    Emodin pharmacokinetics in rabbits. - PubMed - NCBI
    Pharmacokinetic-metabolic studies with 14C-aloe emodin after oral administration to male and female rats. - PubMed - NCBI
    Beta-Lapachone - The information site about Beta-Lapachone
  84. You mean 3.5h IV and 50h orally? The first link used an IV bolus and recorded a half-life of 227 minutes. The second study used oral administration and recorded a half-life of 50h.
  85. Yes, thanks for catching the mistake!
  86. Thanks for helping me interpret those studies. I saw them before I asked, but the language was a little dense for me. I also wanted to know if the half-life of rabbits and mice translated near enough to humans.

    It looks like Lapodin would have a more stable serum level, without build-up, with a 2x/day use, or even 3x/day.
  87. @haidut

    I'm loving the effects of Lapodin, but when I apply it on my arm, I'm getting bumps (histamine reaction). I verified it with Kuinone; it's definitely an allergy to the DMSO. Could this be from other potentially allergenic supplements (taurine, glycine,) or do you know if it has to do with the area of application?
  88. We don't know for sure if it translates well but the ongoing clinical trial with humans ill from cancer used about 900mg oral dose beta-lapachone and cites those same studies I posted a reason for this high dose as a way to ensure sufficient blood concentration and maintain it for a few hours. So, it's probably pretty close but since emodin and beta-lapachone metabolism is hepatic, the half-life in humans can be extremely variable due to difference in hepatic function. But even in those people the quinones may improve liver function so it should eventually normalize. The few human case studies I have seen show comparable half-lives.
  89. DMSO can certainly irritate the skin. I doubt anything else in the product is able to cause this reaction as there is nothing else beyond the listed ingredients and those are not really known to be allergenic. Some people in the Kuinone thread reported relief when diluting the dose with a little extra clear alcohol like ethanol, or even rubbing some glycerin after application, as glycerin tends to sooth the skin.
  90. When I use haiduts k2, I rub water on my stomach, then I apply several drops of k2 and dilute it by rubbing it all over. This prevents irritation from dmso for me.
  91. I used the above method of dilution with water, and very little sensitivity. All good.
  92. @haidut Ive heard people saying this acts like asprin. If im already taking asprin would this thin my blood more and make me more likely to have nose bleeds? Or would this be ok to take while taking asprin? Thank you!
  93. Well, it probably does not completely overlap with aspirin's effects but it has some similarity. Quinones, just like aspirin, are pro-metabolic, anti-inflamamtory, anti-estrogenic, anti-hypoxic, blood-thinning (except vitamin K), anti-serotonin, anti-histamine, etc. So, yes, there is overlap but I would not say that it acts exactly like aspirin or that it can replace it.
  94. Is it OK to drop a few drops of Lapodin into the infected ear or would you rather suggest oxidal in such cases?
  95. Been taking lapodin for about a week. I take it after dinner and it seems to be causing soul-crushing depression. I'm trying to understand the mechanism at play. I was thinking it was lowering my stress hormones and that was the reason for feeling so down. But my pulse is still excessively high. Any thoughts?
  96. How much do you take?
  97. Started with a couple drops and tried to build, but didn't feel much from it. So I upped it to 20 drops. Could be that I took too much too soon. But still trying to understand why it would cause this reaction.
  98. Katty - Haidut had mentioned that Lapodin increases metabolism and also lowers estrogen. I'm pretty sure that what lowers estrogen can lower blood sugar. Since taking Lapodin I've had to up my calorie intake, and over time I've cut back on how much Lapodin I'm taking. Could be that it's revving you up, and you don't have enough fuel and then the cortisol - adrenaline stuff kicks back in and your heart rate goes up.
  99. Yeah, you're probably right. I was particularly starving today. It's difficult to find a balance. I might still keep taking it and just really lower the dose.
  100. I would not drop in the ear, but rub on the ear and the the base of the earlobe around the ear on the skull. Rubbing some on the neck below the ear can also help sometimes with issues like Eustachian tube dysfunction.