Lactose Intolerance - How To Fix

Nov 21, 2015
I think I know, but wanted to get your opinion. I haven't drank much milk in decades and now milk gives me intestinal distress.

Should I try small quantities? I'm not sure I'm on the milk bandwagon but wanted to see if you've successfully gotten over lactose intolerance as an adult, and what you did to do so.

Thank you!


Nov 6, 2014
Oh yes, slowly does it otherwise, in my experience all hell breaks loose. I went from none for 20 years (except in coffee) to lots and it wasn't pretty.
I don't think it's just lactose, I think it might be lowered enzyme to deal with it because it's not been needed, now different gut bacteria (a result of food choice, metabolism etc.), higher histamine (especially with lowered progesterone), serotonin levels to do with aging etc. Lactose free helps some people initially 'convert' but I suspect that's because it removes one of the lesser digestibles initially, milk issues aren't all lactose I feel.
Best of luck


Jun 20, 2015
They are fermentable fiber intolerant. Dairy gives them problems not because they lack a digestive enzyme, but because they lack their other 90 percent. Their gut bacteria just don’t seem to be able to handle even a small dose of lactose fiber.

This does not make sense to me. If my gut bacteria have a feast (which is no fun for me) it was caused by eating more of a certain food in one sitting than I can handle. For me this happens when I eat more than a small amount of starch or glucose (as in sweets that are primarily glucose syrup).

The main problem is, I have left too much for the gut bacteria to feed on. Why do we eat grated carrots? The gut bacteria (hopefully) can't ferment them.

Back on-topic:

The advice from one of the commenters to overcome "milk intolerance" by starting with a tiny amount and raise it only slowly is useful. Peat recommends the same. IIRC forum member Mittir did it fairly successfully.
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