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  1. mother

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    Jun 18, 2013
    Hello to you all,

    I have been taking ERFA for the past 5 months. My Free T4 was 14.4 in June 2013; 10.9 in Sep. 2013; 12.1 in Oct.2013; 11.7 in Jan. 2014 and this month it is 10.2.

    Should I try Cynoplus? and or Cynomel?

    I was diagnosed with inflammatory osteoarthritis. I lack energy, continue to have brain fog, and have gained 25 lbs over the last year. Also hair loss on the top of my head, but not the sides. I just took Progest – E for the first time yesterday- 3 drops.

    I have had a low Lymphocytes for the past year – will taking thyroid and or Progest E help with this?

    I'm postmenopausal. I eat carrot salad, drink milk, OJ, aspirin 1 x day, liver 1 x week, oysters 1 x week Great Lake Gelatin 2 to 3 x daily, bone broth once or twice as week. I avoid PUFAS when possible.

    My Lab results have not been reviewed with a doctor as yet.

    I do not know if I should continue with what I am doing or is if need to change and or add. Your suggestions/feed back would be greatly appreciated.


    My recent Canadian lab results > Normal-Range

    Estradiol> *28 ----------------------------- Postmenopause: <18.4-20.1
    Prolactin> *7.3 --------------------------------------------------- 3.0-20.0
    TSH> *1.82 --------------------------------------------------------- 0.27-4.20
    Free T4 > *10.2 (low) --------------------------------------------- 12.0-22.0
    Progesterone > *1.3 ---------------------- Postmenopause: 0.3-2.5

    Cortisol Morning> *629.0 --- Roche Elecsys Method
    Cortisol 4pm> *267.3 “ “ “

    Lymphocytes> *1.33 (low) ------------------------------------- 1.50-4.00

    Sodium > *143----------------------------------------------------- 135-146
    Potassium > *4.0--------------------------------------------------- 3.5-5.1
    Chloride > *102---------------------------------------------------- 100-110
    CO2 (total) *30 ----------------------------------------------------- 22-31

    Iron > *16------------------------------------------------------------- 10- 29
    TIBC > *70------------------------------------------------------------- 45- 72
    Iron Saturation> *23----------------------------------------------- 14- 51
    Ferritin> *25----------------------------------------------------------- 20- 120
    Calcium> *2.32 -------------------------------------------------------- 2.10- 2.55
    Magnesium> *0.87--------------------------------------------------- 0.70- 110.0
    Lipase> *25-------------------------------------------------------------- 22- 51

    DHEA-S> *2.35---------------------------------------------------------- 0.51-6.95
  2. Mittir

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    Feb 20, 2013
    You are missing the most important thyroid test, total T3.
    RP recommends TSH, total T4, Total T3 and revserse T4 for thyroid
    evaluation. Total cholesterol is essential to interpret thyroid condition,
    RP thinks one should have at least 160, preferably 200 total cholesterol
    before starting thyroid supplement. Thyroid supplement increases conversion of
    cholesterol to progesterone, pregnenolone, dhea etc and this can lower total
    cholesterol to unhealthy level.Pulse and temperature 1-2 hours after breakfast is a
    good indicator of thyroid status. In a healthy or hyperthyroid person
    total T4 is low and total T3 is high. Another possibility is both T3 and T4 are
    low. Your TSH is below 2 which is good, but ideally should be below 0.4.
    Your prolactin is within RP's recommended range of 2-12 for female.
    Your iron saturation index is below 25, which RP mentioned to be
    protective against cancer.
    Without knowing your T3, it seems you are hypothyroid based on your
    symptoms. If you are hypothyroid then it would be good idea to
    make sure you are getting 80 grams of quality protein everyday and
    you might feel better lowering fluid intake and increasing salt .
    Excess fluid slows down metabolism for hypothyroid people.
    Lots of people have gut irritation from gelatin, hydrolysated form of
    gelatin causes less irritation. Food that irritate intestine slows
    down thyroid function. Avoid starch, soluble fiber and allergenic food.
    Pectin in OJ can be problem for people who have bad bacteria composition.
    Milk can be a source of irritation if it not digested properly.
    You can try cheese, which are easier to digest. Make sure
    the cheese you are eating has calcium in it or supplement with
    egg shell or oyster shell powder. You can make your own farmer's cheese
    by adding acid to hot milk. Strained yogurt and cottage cheese are
    easy on digestion but these are low in calcium.
    Looking at your TSH your doctor might not increase dosage but based on your low T4
    your doctor should increase your dose or change the brand. Some people do get
    better result changing brands. I was reading that ERFA was out of supply and they were
    getting their supply from other sources.
  3. OP

    mother Member

    Jun 18, 2013

    First of all, thank you Mittir, for taking the time to respond to my query. I do greatly appreciate this.

    I'm not sure why my Feb. 5/14 Free T3 was not tested.

    However, my January 2014 Free T3- was 5.13----------Ref Range (RR) > 3.90 - 6.90

    Here are my additional Lab Results for Feb. 5/14 for your consideration>>

    Cholesterol Total *4.82--------------RR> 4.20- 5.20
    Triglyceride *1.21---------------------RR> 0.60 - 2.30
    HDL - Cholesterol *1.48--------------RR> 0.90 - 2.40
    LDL - Cholesterol *2.79--------------RR> 2.20 - 3.40
    Chol. Ratio (T/HDL-C) *3.3

    Anti Thyroid Peroxidase *11---------RR> 0 - 34

    Regarding ERFA being out of supply; do you know when this happened? do you know their present source?
    I would like to try Cynoplus and or Cynomel to see if it would work for me better than ERFA. Looking at my Lab result what would you suggest ?
  4. Mittir

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    Feb 20, 2013
    Your total cholesterol is 185, that falls within RP recommendation.
    Only in June your free T4 was in reference range. I am not sure
    if it makes a big difference as long as your T3 is normal.
    Your doctor should have noticed you free T4 has been below range.
    Your January number for free T3 is close to middle of reference range,
    which is good. But if your reverse T3 is high that can block
    activity of free T3 you have . It would be a good idea to do
    total T4, total T3, reverse T3 and TSH in future.
    Here is the link on discussion of Erfa supply.
    The first comment by Karen there was talking about her
    pharmacy giving tablets that looked different than Erfa. ... bility.htm