Lab results: urine glucose, high triglycerides & estrogen

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    Aug 9, 2012
    Can anyone help me analyze these results, Serotonin and lactic acid will be coming in soon, gotta go to a different lab for those. I guess my main issues are the urine glucose, high triglycerides and high estradiol. Low test seems like it might be an issue too. Cholesterol is high according to the lab limits.

    Creatinine 1.0 mg/dL

    Triglycerides 230
    Cholesterol 245
    HDL 44
    LDL 155
    VLDL 46

    Prolactin 6.36 ng/mL
    Estradiol/E2 48.26 pg/mL
    Testosterone 14.11 nmol/L

    PTH 58.1 pg/mL

    T3 1.15 ng/mL
    T4 5.9 µg/dL
    TSH 1.078 µIU/mL

    Glucose Positive(++)
    (glucose from urine test)

    Iron (serum iron) 125.0 mcg/dL 65 - 175
    Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) 400 µg/dL 250 - 425
    Unbound Iron Binding Capacity 275.00 µg/dL 190 - 350
    Serum Transferin 280.00 mcg/dL 175 - 320
    Transferrin Saturation 31.25 % 20-55
    Ferritin 126.42 ng/mL 22 - 275

    Vitamin B12 725 pg/mL 187 - 883
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    Feb 20, 2013
    Re: Lab results: urine glucose, high triglycerides & estroge

    Your PTH is high, it should be as low as possible. Just increasing calcium intake and lowering phosphorus
    i brought down PTH within a week. Vitamin D plays a role in PTH too. Calcium to phosphorus should be 1:1.
    RP commented that estrogen is a major reason for increased triglyceride.
    I test Liver ALT and AST to get an idea about liver function.
    Daily raw carrot salad keeps estrogen in check.
    Eating 80 grams of protein and lots of coffee helped me to lower liver enzymes.
    Orange and Guava both are aromatase inhibitors, that lowers estrogen.
    You can use Aspirin to lower estrogen, if you do not have problem with Aspirin
    related ulcers and bleeding. I think your cholesterol is fine.
    Weekly liver provides vitamin for healthy liver and seafood provides selenium.
    Your iron saturation is not that high, but RP mentioned that people
    with Saturation index below 25 has much lower cancer rate.
    Your prolactin is within the range RP recommends, that is below 12 for females
    and below 7 for male.
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    Jun 5, 2013
    Re: Lab results: urine glucose, high triglycerides & estroge

    Hm is it stupid to consider Proviron for lowering estrogen? Seems interesting but I haven't looked into it enough and unsure about potential side-effects long-term.
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    May 7, 2013
    Re: Lab results: urine glucose, high triglycerides & estroge

    Urine glucose suggests diabetes. What is your blood fasting glucose and HBA1c?