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Aug 9, 2013
Hi All

I got these results back from my lab tests done in the UK. I know I am missing FT3, FT4, prolactin, seratonin, lactic acid etc, but if anyone has comments on the below please let me know.

The obvious is that TSH is high-ish, and Cholesterol is also high, which are linked right? I have a follow up next week with the doc.


Serum TSH: 3mIU/L; RANGE 0.27-4.2 (Ray Peat says the range is 0.3-3 in US?)

*Serum HDL cholesterol 1.5mmol/L : RANGE 0.9-1.5

*Serum LDL 3.25mmol/L: RANGE <3

Total cholesterol 3.47: RANGE < 4

*Serum cholesterol 5.2mmol/L : RANGE 2.3-4.9

Serum Ferritin - 57ng/ml : RANGE 30-400

*Serum vitamin B12 - 756 pg/ml: RANGE 191-663

Serum folate - 12.1ng/ml; RANGE 4.6-18.7

Neutrophil count 2.3: RANGE 2-7.5

Plasma Glucose 5mmol/L: RANGE 3.2-11

25-Hydroxyvitamin D2 1nmol/L (in US this is 0.4ng/ml). Doesn't say range. Note this is ONLY D2, I can;t find a range for D2 anywhere, just combined D2 and D3 and I did not get D3 measured. But this seems really low??

Serum albumin 47g/L : RANGE 35-50

The other ones I had are below - if they are of use I can add them here. None are out of the range given, most are right in the middle:

Serum Potassium, Serum Sodium, Serum calcium, Serum inorganic phosphate, corrected serum calcium level, serum creatinine, serum urea, serum triglycerides, total white cell count, eosinophil count, monocyte count, platelet count, red blood cell count.



Feb 20, 2013
According to RP TSH should be at least below 2 and ideally below 0.4.
If you get free T3 you will also need reverse T3 to interpret that.
He prefers Total T3.
In mg unit your total cholesterol is probably around 135.
I am not sure about this conversion unit, but if this is true
then you have very low cholesterol, RP thinks cholesterol is a protective
substance. You also need cholesterol to make protective hormones like
progesterone, pregnenolone, dhea etc. High starch or low carb diet
tend to lower cholesterol to extreme low.
With low total cholesterol you are possibly low in protective hormones too.
RP thinks that one should have at least 200 cholesterol to start
thyroid supplement.
PTH is a good test to have.
With Ferritin you also need transferrin saturation index to get an idea about
your total iron storage.
Total serum carbon dioxide and serum Free Fatty acid tests are helpful
Your albumin looks good. Are you on high protein diet?
Body temperature and resting pulse 2 hours after breakfast are good indicator of health..
Here is a quote from RP on diagnostic tests
Blood tests for cholesterol, albumin, glucose, sodium, lactate, total thyroxine and total T3 are useful to know, because they help to evaluate the present thyroid status, and sometimes they can suggest ways to correct the problem.

Less common blood or urine tests (adrenaline, cortisol, ammonium, free fatty acids), if they are available, can help to understand compensatory reactions to hypothyroidism.


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Aug 9, 2013
Thanks for reply, I got some more tests done below. Iron is high, ferritin low, and Vitamin D is low. What can I do about these?

Also any other comments on the other Thyroid tests I had done? Unfortunately I had taken Cynoplus (1/8 capsule twice a day) for 2-3 days ,then had a 36 hour break before the tests, I don't know if this would have affected them because my TSH was down to around 2 instead of the 3 it was at two weeks before hand!



Feb 20, 2013
Half life of T4 is 7 days and half life of T3 is 1 day. After 36 hours there will be some T3 in the system,
a very small amount and a good amount of T4. Your total T3 level is 113 and i have seen one study where
control population had total T3 level around 130. It is a bad idea to stop T4 dose suddenly, should be tapered off

RP recommends Transferrin Saturation index to measure iron storage and this value below 25 percent is
protective against cancer. You need total iron binding capacity and serum iron to measure this index.
You need both ferritin and transferrin saturation index to conclude about your iron status.

Your prolactin level is within RP suggested limit, which is 4-7 for male.

PTH should be as low as possible, You can lower PTH with high calcium intake ( 1200 -2000 mg), Vitamin K and D.
If vitamin D is low, high calcium intake can compensate for that in lowering PTH. Mid range of vitamin D is a good target.
RP suggests sunlight ( avoid time around noon, there is too much ultraviolet rays) and vitamin D capsules on skin to avoid allergens.
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