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L-methylfolate Experience

  1. I decided to try some methylfolate just to see what would happen. Used the LifeExtension brand.

    I took one pill (1 mg). The effects consisted of a straining sensation in my eye muscles, a feeling of effortless hyperfocus, automatic effortless multitasking, and very bad ability to stay on track.
  2. Last fall I took a B-vitamin complex with l-methylfolate and after the first dose I got insomnia and felt irritated at the world. It gave me energy and fired my brain up but over the course of weeks of trying it on/off my insomnia became extreme and the whole world irritated me, I just wanted to be alone in a dark room and not talk to anyone. To this day I still suffer insomnia if I take folate rich foods around dinner time or late night. I never took B vitamin supplements again.
  3. Any more experiences?
  4. Yes it overmethylates me too. It's very strong. But I also have COMT mutation. So irritability, anxiety and ocd come easily to me with things that increase nuerotransmiters. Niacinamide sorts out the overmethylation quite well. When I take methyfolate/b complex the crescents on my fingernails begin to come.back. I also get an excellent healthy hue, almost a tan, to my skin. And of courae great energy. It needs b2, b12 and others to work properly though.
  5. What do cresents in finger nails represent?
  6. No idea but I lost mine years ago and they seemed to be tied to health somehow. When my moons begin to come back my skin in general os clearer and i feel better in myself. Absent moons perhaps indicate some kind of methylation block?
  7. Thats interesting. I heard Ray said we shouldn't have the crescents, perhaps I didn't here him clearly so Im not sure about it. I have the crescents too.
  8. I'm taking methyl folate every other day.
    I've had the irritation and insomnia with it but I'm hoping that will go away. Methyl folate gives me histamine problems too. Itchy skin and prickly-feeling sinus headaches.
  9. I've read that one should have good b12 status in place before taking extra methylfolate or stuff like anxiety and insomnia can occur. :2cents:
  10. When I took it, it seemed to cause gut changes that included gas. I don’t recall insomnia or irritation other than an irritated gut.
  11. Thanks for your experiences dolomite and marcar72.
    I opened a niacinamide capsule and sprinkled some into my food half hour ago. I have methyl B-12 here and will take some to make sure I cover that base as well. I also removed some clothes from my room that may have had cat dander on them. :thumbsup:

    As far as gut, I have felt much *better* in that department, actually.
  12. Just to add a positive experience, I actually had profound anti-depressant effects from l-methylfolate.

    It’s amazing how many negative reviews you get here with something that isn’t ‘Peat rubber stamped’, yet, if you look at the review sections on iherb for the compound, it is littered with sparkling anecdotes.