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KMUD: Sugar 1


Jun 10, 2020
Good one. Peat talks about how in rat and human experiments, they found starch molecules in the blood stream not too long after the subejcts consumed the starch. These starch granules, sometimes no bigger than a cell but sometimes a good amount bigger, squeeze through the gut lining and into our blood stream, where they can clog arteries and even enter our brains.

Peat discusses how PUFA prohibits our body's use of sugar/glucose, which Philip Randle demonstrated in 1963. In a hospital back then, they began using a fat emulsion intravenously on patients, who quickly developed hyperglycemia because they could no longer use their sugar. This tendency for PUFA to block our glucose utilization gave way to what is now known as the Randle Cycle.

Peat also discusses that legumes, while they have some nutrients, contain enough PUFA to make them harmful when consumed too frequently. Whole grains, he says, like whole grain brown rice or whole grain pasta, lack the minerals that fruit offers.
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If you eat starch with fat, the fat can catch the starch particulates. I wouldn't eat starch unless cooked in fat. Peat hasn't eaten it for a while despite being able to do that. Probably because fruits have more nutrients, such as the minerals. ^

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