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KMUD: 9-21-2018 Evidence Based Medicine

  1. There is one guy who keeps calling in and rambling on the line every month. This month he asked Dr. Peat if his ‘blood type is B’ and Andrew had to hang up on him. Is the government trolling KMUD? They have wasted money on dumber things in the past.
  2. Lol he is expressing his freedom of speech.
  3. Thanks Dan
  4. It's gbol.
  5. Lol. Good one
  6. Was Ray playing dumb saying he doesn't know, or does he really don't care to know?
  7. @tara

    Migraines discussed by Peat.
  8. Thanks @Peatful, I finally got to listen to it all the way through. :)
    Good reminder about gut irritation. I think I notice it may be relevant for me if I eat certain things too late in the evening (which can happen if I've not eaten enough during the day, or I'm too tired or busy to get something optimal).