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KMUD: 7-17-15 On The Back Of A Tiger

  1. Does anyone know what's going on with this documentary?
  2. It is perpetually slated to be released 'soon'.
  3. 2015. Sad. :(
  4. Quite rogue, indeed! ;)
  5. I was so hoping for this documentary. I'm sure a lot of us put money in to it.
  6. Danny did an interview with the guys on his livestream last year, and they both seemed pretty unmotivated to finish the project.

    I think they are waiting for the perfect way to organize the film to unfold, which doesn't seem likely.

    Personally, I have a major problem with the fact that people helped fund a project that wasn't delivered on time (or yet), but the guys don't seem that worried about it.
  7. Wish they would at least just release the Ray Peat interview if they aren't going to edit them all into a coherent film. The only video of Peat on camera is that Nervous System Protect & Restore lecture on Youtube. The audio interviews are great but movement on video is something else. It makes me imagine how it would have been to have him as a teacher back at Blake College.
  8. +1

    Someone should contact them and ask them to release it
  9. $81,316 pledged of $38,000 goal.

    From the kickstarter page:

    "Our years of professional experience has us more than prepared for the logistical and production challenges, and we've made it this far completely independently. This much needed funding will make the process all the more smoother. The controversial subject matter also has it's positives, igniting interest from both enthusiasts, and the general audience.

    We have the utmost confidence in realizing our vision."

    On the Back of a Tiger

    So just a big scam it looks like, especially with the confident and assuring words they put into their plea for money. They took the ~$81,000 and ran.
  10. There's no way with all that footage of great minds particularly ones that have passed since they filmed them that they will just dump the project. They are just taking their damned time releasing it.
  11. It is very disappointing with all that amazing footage and money raised, nothing has come from it.
  12. Thank God I didn't pay a cent. I just had a feeling. I am not going to accuse them or anything. I just want to jinx it so they release the footage and I eat my words.
  13. Lol it's not a scam they're just being slow as hell... they're pretty established in the advertising world I think, look at their vimeos it has commercials they did for target and other major companies. Why would they blow up their careers and risk jail time for 50,000 dollars? You can see they already spent AT LEAST 10 grand on the project, flying all over the world to interview these people. I think that they're just focused on not rushing things (due to their peatarian nature, not willing to over work and stress over things) and they want it to come out right...
  14. Its gonna be so hard to pull it off properly the way they talked about it... they want it to be on netflix and accessible to everyone (which I think is great but it’s gonna be difficult). How can you explain these peoples "alternative" theories on scientific topics that most people don't even know the mainstreams position on... Take fred kummerow's position; lots of people don't even know what polyunsaturated fatty acids are. And that's honestly one of the most accessible topics.
  15. But yes they've made a lot of mistakes and at the very least they should really be more communicative. It's been almost half a year since their last update.
  16. The only crowd funding projects that I've backed but never delivered were films. This includes On The Back Of a Tiger & Ricky Lake's documentary "Sweetening the Pill" (based on Holy Grigg-Spall's book about the dangers of birth control)- In fact Ricky Lake & her producer went a made a movie on legalizing weed instead.

    Don't understand how people are OK doing this to folks & while also ruining the potential greatness of crowd sourcing. Stinks

  17. Wow. All this time I have been under the impression that they never finished the film because they didn’t raise enough funds (I never really checked their go fund me page). I had no idea they raised more than enough funds (double the amount for their goal!) for it all along.
  18. For fairness, they said that's a minimum they need. The more money they get, the more quality they produce.
  19. Correct, but they raised over double the minimum...

    Typically, all of the costs for a production or any business adventure should be baked into the minimum amount, so that the minimum costs are covered and enough pay for the work put in is covered so that if only the minimum is reached, they can release it and be happy enough with the way it comes out. I would imagine more than double the minimum would be more than enough to finish it in a way that had good quality to finish it, but really, the minimum should have been set to cover all those basics for basic quality production if that is the issue here. If double the minimum still is not enough, then they made same major errors in their estimates/costs on the financial side of things.

    I don’t know what exactly is going on, and won’t make judgments, but, financially speaking, that is usually how the financial side of things should go in any business adventure of this kind. I think if such mistakes were made, it would best for them to be more clear about that so that people aren’t too suspicious. Transparency in such cases usually clears these things up, assuming everything is done in good faith.
  20. I don't understand how people can do that. Doesn't kickstarter protect somehow the buyers from this kind of issues ? I'm not saying they are a fraud (I hope not).

    Is it legal to take money from people and not deliver the promised product ?

    I don't get it.
  21. Kickstarter is more like investing in creators. You realize that you may never get a refund though if enough backers are upset they could probably go all in to try to make the creator offer some sort of recourse for not following through. For my 25 dollars I'm okay with just having access to the full length interviews.
  22. One possibility is that they're waiting for all the cast to die so that it becomes more valuable. But the likely one is that they got excited and decided to work beyond what they had initially planned, so it's taking longer and they want to perfect it.

    Doubling their number of actors doesn't mean doubling their work, it's much more because they now have to conciliate their availbiality, travels, they'll have multiple clips that will need to be ordered in a meaningful way, and so on.
  23. I seriously hope Ray doesn't die before they get this film out!
  24. Brielle, why is the hope only protecting him until the release?
  25. Because no one know when it is their time to go.. so we can only hope Ray lives to be 120.
  26. What makes 120 enough?
  27. I dunno I just picked it since 99.9999999999% of people don't make it that long.
  28. Does you wants to do the chuckle? I has volunteered to help with the.. Swahili subtitles: imagine they're reception to the offer.
  29. Raymond Peat is not going to live till 120 when he has been poisoned with pesticide like me. I am surprised he is still going and would not be surprised if he is struggling now.
  30. After watching Danny interview them, I think they just got in over their head. They don't seem like bad guys, just confused and unmotivated.

    This is why you don't put artists in charge of organizational responsibilities.

    Keep in mind that Danny is having his own issues with this new book as his timetable continues to stretch out, so he might sympathize with them.
  31. Good things come to those that wait, It was originally just going to be an interview with Peat, but Peat very wisely directed them to do a wide-ranging documentary on bioenergetic science generally, and now we have a number of invaluable interviews, that wouldn't have existed otherwise, with people who have recently passed on. The footage exists no matter what, and at some point it will be released, so that is a net positive.