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KMUD: 3-17-17 Endocrinology (Part 1): Parkinson's

  1. Direct MP3 link | Podcast setup

    A thought-provoking session, worth a listen whether you're interested in Parkinson's disease or not.

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  2. Thanks!!
  3. Does KMUD or the Herb doctors use their talks and put on podcasts? ThAt would be more convenient way to find and listen to them.
  4. Thanks Dan.
  5. Interview uploaded for anyone that wants to listen to it in the Youtube format!

  6. Not to my knowledge, although they've started collecting them all on this page. And I have a podcast feed that combines KMUD and other Peat interviews.
  7. I wonder if Andrew goes on long boring rants in this one.
  8. If you have an Android the Cast Box App has a Ray Peat Interviews Podcast. It has the KMUD and Politics and Science shows. The Politics and Science shows are great!
  9. Sorry @Dan Wich, I just figured out that's your feed.
  10. @Dan Wich I've listened to all those, thanks for providing that resource!
  11. Man Dr. Ray dropping some knowledge here
  12. LOL'd pretty hard I gotta admit...
  13. Yes, he does.
  14. I found this one very difficult to make any conclusions on...
  15. Getting out and meeting people,actually doing activities with humans or even animals to restore health,not looking for the "limitless" pill before acting.

    The lack of social interaction today will not be healed by pills alone,be it LSD or DMT, people fear rejection and want to blame others for their ill health from the lack of courage to interact and try.
    In some cases they are trying to convey a tortured genius as an excuse to be withdrawn.
  16. You are right
  17. Yeah and people in wheelchairs just need to jog more. Easy.
  18. I would be glad to donate to KMUD if Andrew would quit blathering and let Dr Peat finish his thoughts. Maybe they should try he stay home and take care of the children and Sarah take the helm.
  19. But what if they were cured after years of being in the chair,they would need time to develope the "muscle".
    (In some cases)
  20. Quite true.
    A common symptom of depression, psychosis or even schizoid disorders is the belief that the person is somehow a smarter, more sensitive, individual that the world is ganging up against and nobody can really understand them or measure up to them so there is no point in interacting with anybody.