Klonopin? How Does This Drug Do Nothing For Me?


Aug 2, 2020
if you have followed some of my posts ever since ive been having these messed up spasms a doctor at the ER
gave me ativan which i noticed an effect taking it. id take about 1 mg and i didnt feel super at ease with my anxiety and depresssion but meh i noticeable difference. but since its faster acting i would get terrible withdraw symptoms felt like i was going to have a heart attack. a psych gave me .5 mg of klonopin and i laughed at that i didnt feel a thing.... i currently take 1.5mg a day and i wait and wait but wheres this "ahhh sighhhh of releif"?? i do not get that. i can still feel my head and eyebrows spasming. heres the funny thing id also like someone to answer i intentionally took way more than what normally would 4mg of klonopin and i fealt nothing.....am i missing something here? maybe this drug just doesnt click with me? i know benzos are bad i dont want to be on them but all and all i think i probably need an anti seizure medicine. those can work great for anxiety depression anger and out of control moods. anti seizures like gabapentin and lamictal and tegratol really stabalize areas of the brain like the temporal lobe and can be a godsent for alot of people.alot of people have had head injuries or come from an alocholic family and the temporal lobes are greatly involved with mood stability if you follow dr amen hes a genius on the subject. any input on this? i think i might need to try a few antiseizure medicines because the way i have been shaking if you saw my last post (i put up a video of it as embarassing as it is) thats just abnormal an dit came on out of the blue one day. just 1 day i woke and here i am. its just wearing me out i feel weak cant exercise, cant work, depressed anxious just screwed royally. i know panic attacks and i know that feeling of losing your mind but twitching and spazzing out like that?? this is more than just anxiety. the doctor who through klonopin at my forhead doesnt seem to understand whats going on with me. ive got some good ideas from members on here that i will implement when i get money. other than that im always open to input im gettin tired walking to the grocery store trying to hide the convulsions. anyone know how doctors diagnose parkinsons disease or neuroligical issues? i had a brain ct scan that showed nothing but maybe i need an eeg


Nov 18, 2020
You said it yourself, spasms are withdrawal symptoms for you. Sorry to be so frank but you sound like a drug addict. Klonopin does nothing for you because you are resistant to benzos. Get off pharmaceuticals while you still can.


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Aug 2, 2020
You said it yourself, spasms are withdrawal symptoms for you. Sorry to be so frank but you sound like a drug addict. Klonopin does nothing for you because you are resistant to benzos. Get off pharmaceuticals while you still can.
you dont understand what you are talking about dude. i had these spams BEFORE i was even on benzos..... thats why i was given the benzos.
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