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Kids Eating Meat VS Kids Eating Vegetables

  1. "Our instincts give us a few clues about our nutritional needs, such as thirst, the hunger for salt, the pleasantness of sweet things, and the unpleasantness of certain odors or very acrid or bitter tastes. People who are constitutionally unable to taste certain bitter chemicals find certain vegetables less objectionable; their instinctive guidance has become less clear. But within the boundaries of cravings and disgust, habits and customs become the dominant forces in diet. "Professional dietitians" and other "experts" primarily function as enforcers of cultural prejudice." - Ray Peat on Vegetables, etc. - Who Defines food?
  2. Jesus, that video is eye-opening for sure. I absolutely hate broccoli as well lol
  3. I hated all the vegetables, except for nightshades and garlic, when I was a kid. Started to eat veggies under influence of "healthy" lifestyle propaganda when I got older.
  4. haha kids' reactions are the best, very genuine. I wonder what they would think of sweet fruit... The smell is very appetizing. I see they enjoy raw meat too. Very interesting. Thanks for posting this.
  5. I remember now, once, a woman complained that her grandaughter would not touch anything that even remotely resembles a vegetable... interesting!