Kidney Cancer questions


Jan 27, 2013
Hello everyone.

I'm new to the forum having been reading Peat for a year and teaching myself about nutrition for several years, for my own health conditions. I have read many but not all of Peat's articles, (it takes a while to absorb and digest), therefore I ask for your patience, but perhaps you'd point me in the right directions. I am particularly interested in a) further reading, b) research links, especially ones that will help convince other people, and c) practical advice.

My father has kidney cancer, in fact he has had one kidney removed, and he is extremely lucky to have caught this condition in it's early stages. No other treatment is scheduled at present. He's asked me for advice on constructing a post-op one-kidney-only diet. I am particularly concerned about recovering the health of his other kidney.

More backstory: He strongly believes that salt is BAD. (He also still finds it hard to believe that PUFAs are bad despite me patiently explaining for many years now.)

I need a better understanding about salt intake in this particular circumstance. To increase or decrease salt intake? And then when that's clear, I need persuasive evidence to convince him to make a mental u-turn about it.

I haven't read enough about baking soda/bicarbonate yet although I did read in the other thread on curing cancer that it is a good idea. Is this the case with the kidney? Any other advice on mineral and salt/water balances would be greatly appreciated, and particularly research I can point him to. Thank you.

I've encourage him to have bone broth. I understand gelatine helps the body recover from surgical stress. However this quote concerns me:

Ray Peat: Gelatin, Stress
"It has a wide range of antitumor actions, including the inhibition of new blood vessel formation (angiogenesis), and it has shown protective activity in liver cancer and melanoma. Since glycine is non-toxic (if the kidneys are working, since any amino acid will contribute to the production of ammonia), this kind of chemotherapy can be pleasant.

Should gelatine be avoided when the health of the kidneys is uncertain? Or is it just that very large quantities should be avoided? How much is too much?

Where should I look for advice/reading/books on taking progesterone for an older male with kidney cancer?

He already takes aspirin for health reasons. I see in another thread a recommendation to take
3,250mg aspirin
2mg Vit K2
in a bath to absorb through the skin. Could anyone enlighten me further on dosages?

He's been advised to reduce caffeine intake. I don't know why.

What else have I missed?
One final question: When is it a good idea to ask for Ray Peat's advice? Has he already covered this condition elsewhere?

I hope that by asking these questions I can help others who may be reading. I would really appreciate thoughts on any of these matters. Thank you very, very much!

Edit: one additional thought - he has Hashimoto's. As do I, hence the interest in thyroid health and Ray Peat!


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
Beebop, check your private messages.


For something like this I would pay for a consultation with Ray Peat.
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