Ketosis and It's Effects on Tissue Unsaturation


Nov 7, 2013
While doing some research on ketosis and free fatty acid metabolism, I came across this interesting study:
Essentially, ketosis reduces DHA and other PUFAs in the fat and blood, and increases their presence in the brain and liver (by quite substantial amounts).I was hoping I could get a Peatarian opinion on these results. Obviously the substantial reduction of fat and blood PUFAs is awesome. The increase in DHA and AA in the brain that the authors reasoned to be neuroprotective would, I believe, be considered awful according to Ray Peat (I'm not fully clear on this topic). However, literature seems to overwhelmingly support DHA's crucial functions in the brain. The one thing that looks pretty clearly negative is the increased PUFA content in liver triglycerides. I'd love to hear you guys's thoughts on this study.


Feb 20, 2013
It is nice you are researching on these topics and you have made several posts
in similar manner. I have replied to some of your posts. It seems like i will be
repeating the same things i posted before. Do you ever plan to read
Ray Peat's articles? His whole website is full of articles explaining why
he thinks PUFAs like DHA are harmful and how release of stored PUFA
damages the whole system.


Nov 9, 2012
I don't know when it comes to the brain, though. The ketones and lactate levels in newborn brains makes me think about whether the brain should be considered apart.


Aug 9, 2012
You know I imagine birth is highly stressful. Plus I imagine babies died at birth all the time before modern medicine. I'm not sure that newborns are a good model of optimal health.

Ray Peat said:
The developing baby is extremely dependent on glucose for its energy supply, and its brain can be damaged by sugar starvation.

It appears that the newborn's sugar supply is generally shaky. Again, I'm not sure that this is a good ideal.


Feb 20, 2013
RP did mention in Josh Rubin "Milk and Calcium" interview that babies are born with
high amount of iron and can live up to an year without any extra iron.
I find it interesting that Infants and older people both are high in iron
and they both need low iron foods like milk.


Jun 9, 2013
literature seems to overwhelmingly support DHA's crucial functions in the brain
Peat has a lot of writing on PUFA, even fish fats specifically, for exampe, . Animals on on PUFA-free diets are remarkably resistant to disease.

I'm aware of the existence of literature advocating for omega 3's, or PUFA in general. Just because that literature exists though, doesn't mean its claims are true/accurate. How scientific is that literature? How industry-infludenced is it, and what of journal editor's bias? How realistic are the experiments? How deficient are the animal diets? How long-term are the studies? What about contradictory literature? What is the biological context of PUFA (i.e. cold-climate)?

Peat highlights questions like this, in a way that contradicts commonly-propogated narratives, narratives about things like genes, 'essential fatty acids', 'ionizing radiation', etc. In my opinion this is half the value of Peat's writings.
Peat said:
To reach useful simplicities, we usually have to sift through the accumulated rationalizations previous generations have produced to justify doing things their way. If we could start with an accurate understanding of what life is, and what we are doing here, science could be built up deductively as well as by the accumulation of evidence. But the fact that we have grown up amid false and unworkable models of what life is, means that we have to lean heavily on evidence, building up new models inductively, imaginatively, and scientifically. Textbooks and professional journals can be useful if they are seen as monuments to past beliefs, and not as authorities to be accepted. Examining the dogmatic models of life and the world in which life exists, we can better understand the nature of the existing barriers to constructive work.

I'm not sure that newborns are a good model of optimal health.
I agree with this. Peat mentions:
Peat said:
During aging, our tissues tend to store an excess of iron. There is a remarkably close association between the amount of iron stored in our tissues and the risk of death from cancer, heart disease, or from all causes. This relationship between iron and death rate exists even during childhood, but the curve is downward until the age of 12, and then it rises steadily until death. The shape of this curve, representing the iron burden, is amazingly similar to the curves representing the rate of death in general, and the rate of death from cancer. There is no other relationship in biology that I know of that has this peculiar shape, with its minimum at the age of 12, and its maximum in old age at the time of death.
I found this old image of mortality:
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