Kale As Vit K Source


Oct 10, 2012

Quick question regarding kale as a vit K source...
Am i right in thinking the best way to consume would be to add to a bone broth towards the end and then remove the leaves them selves for eating/drinking?

Rough cooking time? to extract nutrients without over cooking and denaturing them?

What are the reasons behind not eating the leafs? fibre? PUFAs? how harmfull would eating the leaf on rare occations be?

Stevei G


Oct 14, 2012

Adding it to broth for the last couple of hours and then taking it out and throwing it away. Not only does it give vit K it also has a considerable amount of extra calcium that seeps into the broth.

Leaves contain a decent amount of PUFA and if not cooked for long contain anti thyroid nutrients (Not a problem if cooked). Eating the leaves on occasion realistically wont be an issue. A broth has so many pro thyroid nutrients they will mitigate most, if not all of the negatives of eating the leaves.


Jul 24, 2012
Any ideas why Kale consistently gives me Acne? Like no other food on this earth.


Aug 9, 2012
JMarie444 said:
:? I thought Vit A helped Acne?

The active form of Vit A (retinol) does, but the conversion from carotene to retinol has to happen in the liver, and some people have trouble with it.
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