Just got my labs back...


Feb 9, 2014
Hi all,

Just got my lab results back. I can definitely see that I am hypothyroid (the markers are there, like higher cholesterol, etc.) and just started some cynomel. I would be interested in seeing some of your opinions, just to help me tweak things a bit better. I'm thinking I have a T4-T3 conversion issue primarily, due to the high rT3 (horrible rT3 ratio, which indicates high cortisol, since that interferes with T4-T3 conversion; the high serotonin labs also seem to further indicate this); also my T4 is high and my T3 is on the low side, it seems. So that's what I've been seeing. But again, would love any feedback on this. Here are my labs:

Total Cholesterol: 180 mg/dL

TSH: 1.960 uIU/mL

rT3, serum: 16.9 ng/dL

Total T3: 105 ug/dL

Total T4: 6.7 ug/dL

rT3 ratio: 16.9 ng/dL

Prolactin: 9.1 ng/mL

PTH, Intact: 11 pg/mL

Carbon Dioxide, total: 27 mmol/L

Whole blood serotonin: 206 ng/mL

Vitamin D, 25 -Hydroxy: 33.7 ng/mL



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Feb 9, 2014
***A typo above**: my rT3 ratio is actually 6.5 ng/dL, not 16.9 ng/dL

I'd also like to point out that I got a blood chemistry panel done, so that can be provided if anyone's interested in seeing deeper


Nov 23, 2013
That would be great! Are you male or female?


Nov 23, 2013
In the meantime some bag breathing wouldn't hurt.


Dec 21, 2013
Blossom: What does bagbreathing actually do to change the numbers? And whats the reason for that recommendation? thanks :)


Feb 20, 2013
prototypejohn said:
Blossom: What does bagbreathing actually do to change the numbers? And whats the reason for that recommendation? thanks :)

Bag breathing increases CO2. One of the major effect of low thyroid function
is lower production of CO2. Increasing CO2 will improve lots of things related
to hypothyroidism. There is big list things that gets better with increased CO2
either from bag breathing or Bicarbonate intake.
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