Ray Peat Interview Jodellfit - Dr Ray Peat - Hormone Replacement, Thyroid, Frequent Snacking, Chronic Fatigue and more Q&A

David PS

Jan 5, 2016
Here's the time stamps for this episode:
Covid 1:10 Current thoughts on covid
4:13 Dr Peat’s Thoughts on the vaccine
13: 46 Thoughts on mental health
20:54 Ways to stay healthy during isolation
23:13 Bile acid salts
26:45 Thyroid and the spine
27:55 Hormone replacement and Bioidentical hormones - Ray’s thoughts
37:41 Testosterone and a lack of pregnenalone
39:39 How not to convert Testosterone to estrogen (aromatase inhibition)
43:07 Use of Nicotine Gum and Dr Peat’s thoughts
44:14 Best way to treat adrenal body type and cortisol issues
46:48 Thyroid and sleep and high histamine
47:47 Gynomastia and fixes for it
49:37 Frequent snacking throughout the day
51:21 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Antibiotics
53:06 Caffiene rubbed on scalp to prevent hair loss
55:02 Black toxic mold and how to detoxify
57:20 Breathwork and the best style for calming the nervous system
1:01:00 My daughter’s own question on brain fog


Jun 10, 2020
Woot woot!!


Jun 13, 2019
haha, she asked ray what lonely people who can't socialize because of the lockdowns can do to stay healthy, and he basically said nothing, you have to go out and socialize.
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