James Watson Says Antioxidants May Actually Be Causing Cance


Aug 9, 2012
James Watson Says Antioxidants May Actually Be Causing Cancer
Annalee Newitz

Celebrated geneticist James Watson, one of several researchers who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the structure of DNA, has just published what can only be called a cancer manifesto in http://rsob.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/3/1/120144.full Open Biology. It's full of fairly harsh criticisms for current cancer researchers, but also suggests several ways forward in the "war on cancer." Among other claims, Watson asserts that antioxidants like vitamin C — often recommended as cancer-prevention supplements — could be causing some forms of cancer. He also has harsh words for personalized medicine, and the laziness of cancer researchers.

http://io9.com/5975002/james-watson-say ... irculation

Someone actually noticed that "antioxidants" may not be all that good for you. Although his genetic bias leads him to suggest gene related research, naturally.


Nov 30, 2012
Re: James Watson Says Antioxidants May Actually Be Causing C

Interesting. I just watched a 3 part video series on respiration by Josh Rubin; he says we should use food to anti oxidize, not supplements. I wonder if there is some metabolic connection.
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