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Ivermectin reduces motor coordination, serum testosterone, and central neurotransmitter levels but does not affect sexual motivation in male rats


Mar 26, 2016

Ivermectin reduces motor coordination, serum testosterone, and central neurotransmitter levels but does not affect sexual motivation in male rats​

N Moreira 1, T M Sandini 2, T M Reis-Silva 3, P Navas-Suáresz 4, A V V Auada 5, I Lebrun 5, J C Flório 6, M M Bernardi 7, H S Spinosa 6
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Ivermectin (IVM) is a macrocyclic lactone used for the treatment of parasitic infections and widely used in veterinary medicine as endectocide. In mammals, evidence indicates that IVM interacts with γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA)-mediated chloride channels. GABAergic system is involved in the manifestation of sexual behavior. We previously found that IVM at therapeutic doses did not alter sexual behavior in male rats, but at a higher dose, the appetitive phase of sexual behavior was impaired. Thus, we investigated whether the reduction of sexual behavior that was previously observed was a consequence of motor or motivational deficits that are induced by IVM. Data showed significant decrease in striatal dopaminergic system activity and lower testosterone levels but no effects on sexual motivation or penile erection. These findings suggest IVM may activate the GABAergic system and reduce testosterone levels, resulting in a reduction of motor coordination as consequence of the inhibition of striatal dopamine release.
Keywords: Avermectin. GABA; Ivermectin; Neurotransmitters; Sexual behavior.


Jan 29, 2014
I felt good after IVM. My mind was very clear, and I felt like I am better able to concentrate and control my impulses. From what I saw it can't cross the blood-brain barrier unless it's impaired. I wonder if these side effects had something to with lowering neurotransmitters?? But how does it lower neurotransmitters without crossing the blood-brain barrier? Another side effect I experienced: I could not drink much wine, as instead of pleasant feeling it made me feel unpleasant (hard to explain, it's just as if the wine wasn't fun anymore). I also slept much better.


Jul 8, 2014
Ivermectin works by affecting the neurological pathways in parasites, which kills them. So it is not far-fetch that it may have some neurological effect on humans as well, whether that is beneficial or not is the question. And for the short period of time that should not be a problem, billions of doses have been administered and the side effects have been well documented (I have not read them).
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