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It's Official - Aspirin Stops Breast Cancer In 80% Of Patients, Even Terminal Ones

Discussion in 'Scientific Studies' started by haidut, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. haidut

    haidut Member

    Don't expect to see this on CNN or any other major news outlet. But this study finally proves what Ray has been saying for years and what nobody is willing to publicly admit - aspirin can not only prevent most cancers but can cure the majority of them. I already posted an animal study last year on HED of just 325mg of aspirin being able to stop breast cancer progression and convert the cancer cells back to "normal".
    Aspirin Suppresses the Acquisition of Chemoresistance in Breast Cancer by Disrupting an NFκB–IL6 Signaling Axis Responsible for the Generation of Cancer Stem Cells | Cancer Research
    Aspirin stops breast cancer; reprograms cancer cells into normal
    Well, this study goes a step further and replicated this in humans. What is even more stunning is that aspirin worked even in terminal cancer cases. And, if that was not already known, the study shows that chemotherapy makes breast cancer much worse by making cancer stem cells more aggressive, while aspirin does the exact opposite. Given this finding, it is incomprehensible why the goal is still to combine aspirin with chemotherapy instead of going the aspirin only route. I guess showing that definitively that aspirin is the cure and chemotherapy is the cause of cancer would destroy the medical industry overnight and make even these scientists unemployed.
    Finally, a word on aspirin's effectiveness for preventing breast cancer. The lifetime incidence of breast cancer is 1 in 8 (12%). If I am reading the study below right, aspirin reduced this incidence to 1 in 1,200, which is a truly massive effect and depending on the dose it can probably reduce the incidence even further. Bottom line - with the right dose of aspirin you can pretty much guarantee avoidance of breast cancer, and probably most others as well.

    Aspirin lifeline for end-stage cancer? - Times of India

    "...The study, by the Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research (IPGMER) and Bose Institute, has tasted success on animals and even human tissues. Aspirin is being researched the world over as a low-cost preventive for many types of GI cancers, but the Kolkata study takes it a few steps higher -to prove its potential in combating malignant cells. The research team has proved that it can shrink cancer stem cells -the principal cause of the disease and the reason behind its spread -and turn them 'chemo-sensitive', or reactive to chemo. The finding, which holds out hope for 1.5 lakh chemo-resistant patients in the country, is in the human trial stage."

    "...IPGMER started the study in 2010 to explore aspirin's preventive role, but the aim took new dimensions as the research progressed. It's now in its fourth and final phase. The initial studies, held on breast cancer patients, revealed that the pill indeed checked the proliferation of cancerous cells. This was seen in 80% of the patients in the study. "At this juncture, we came to know that Bose Institute, too, was working to establish a link between aspirin and chemo-sensitivity. Since we were working on the same lines, we decided to merge our studies," said Diptendra Sarkar, head of the department of breast cancer, IPGMER. A joint research took off and the results left the research team stunned. An analysis of cancerous cells and tissues revealed that aspirin indeed altered the nature of cancer stem cells and made them respond to chemotherapy."

    "...Cancer stem cells are responsible for the disease. Chemotherapy that kills cancer cells fails to eliminate these highly resistant cancer stem cells. They proliferate and turn more aggressive. Often, they hide in tissues and cause a relapse, spreading the disease to other parts of the body. Aspirin inhibits chemotherapy-induced increase in cancer stem cells and sensitizes them to chemotherapy by decreasing the levels of resistance-giving proteins in these cells.

    "...Though the research is based largely on screening of breast cancer patients, researchers believe it holds true for all forms of cancer, though each has a different stem cell type. "We got early indications of this dramatic finding when we screened 1,200 patients on aspirin. Only one had cancer, so we compared it to a screening of an equal number of breast cancer patients who had not had aspirin. So, it was statistically proved that aspirin did help to prevent the disease. Later, we confirmed the finding through an analysis of human tissues, which showed that it did help to check cancerous tumours by blocking the Cox 2 receptor gene," said Sarkar. Almost all terminal stage cancer patients turn resistant to chemotherapy in eight-nine months, say experts. "After five-six cycles, chemotherapy doesn't yield any result for these patients. So, aspirin might help. If it makes the therapy effective, then the rate of survival is bound to go up," said Sarkar."
  2. Pointless

    Pointless Member

  3. squanch

    squanch Member

    Really interesting.
    I can vaguely remember you suggesting at some point to take a few days of and not to take aspirin every single day. If someone uses sodium bicarbonate in a 6:2 ratio with the aspirin and doesn't feel any GI discomfort whatsoever, what would be the potential downsides of taking something around 500mg aspirin every single day? Have you personally started taking it daily by now?
  4. took my very first 300 mg chewable dissolving aspirin pill with dinner :pill::trophy::thumbsup::D
  5. schultz

    schultz Member

    S_S, are you saying just to cut the breasts off before cancer even begins? Smart :writer: How do people not know about this?!:woot:
  6. scarlettsmum

    scarlettsmum Member

    Fantastic news @haidut ! Do you know if rats can combine ritanserin with aspirin? I have read on the forum that there may be some blood thinning issues with cypro and aspirin so I wonder if the above mentioned combo would be safe. Alongside some vitamin k2 as well of course.
  7. Rafe

    Rafe Member

    Cut your body parts off if your relatives have cancer in those parts. . .
  8. OP

    haidut Member

    I think Peat said that for prevention purposes, taking 500mg every 2-3 days is enough. For treatment, I don't think the potential downsides outweigh the benefits of getting the cancer subjected to aspirin every day.
  9. squanch

    squanch Member

  10. Lol! Pretty ballsy move nonetheless :bear:
  11. Kyle M

    Kyle M Member

    Very interesting, one giant step in confirming the Warburg Hypothesis.

    I just looked at my bottle of geriatric aspirin (GeriCare lol, doesn't have any fillers) and realized I take over a gram a day. It's a 325 mg tablet and I take 2-3 in the morning and sometimes at night. Haven't noticed anything weird yet. Some days I'm doing almost 2 grams.
  12. Lilac

    Lilac Member

    Amazing post! Thank you!

    I just found the two-ingredient (aspirin, starch) aspirin at Walmart. On the bottom shelf, 88 cents. I can't remember the name, but it's not the Walmart house brand, Equate.
  13. I buy Gericare.
  14. LucH

    LucH Member

    One of the principle active constituents in White Willow Bark is salicin or salicylic acid. The main feature as in aspirin.
    So I suppose salicin from salix alba is right for the same purpose. Much easier for stomach mucosa.
    240 mg salicin is often advised in studies as blocker for cox-1 & 2, 5-Lox, NF-kB, TNF-alpha and NO.
    I take thrice a day Nature’s Answer 450 mg. Twice now as I’ve switched for unsaponifiable from soy and avocado (backpain).

    Here is a link confirming the effect on IL-6 cytokine.
    The results showed that D(-)-Salicin markedly decreased TNF-α, IL-1β and IL-6 concentrations and increased IL-10 concentration. In addition, western blot analysis indicated that D(-)-Salicin suppressed the activation of MAPKs and NF-κB signaling pathways stimulated by LPS.
  15. Ahanu

    Ahanu Member

    1000 pieces for just 11 Dollar. That is nice!
  16. schultz

    schultz Member

    I use aspirin powder: 1 pound of aspirin for $10. No excipients.
  17. I find the tablets just so much easier in every way to deal with.
  18. Tarmander

    Tarmander Member

    I do the same. Horse aspirin is clean and the bag lasts you forever.
  19. schultz

    schultz Member

    Yah the convenience would be nice, but I'm in Canada and never found a pill without fillers. My friend would go over the boarder to get aspirin + starch pills. I have a micro scale and used it for a bit to weigh the aspirin. Now I can accurately judge how much I am getting by taking a pinch.