Is this a good product? (Thyroid Supp)


Feb 7, 2013
I don't know anyone taking that and it contains a number of excipients it is best to avoid, including the amino acid l-leucine. Ray Peat advises against taking individual amino acids and has said this about leucine, in particular.

Ray Peat said:
Insulin release is also stimulated by amino acids such as leucine, and insulin stimulates cells to absorb amino acids and to synthesize proteins. Since insulin lowers blood sugar as it disposes of amino acids, eating a large amount of protein without carbohydrate can cause a sharp decrease in blood sugar. This leads to the release of adrenalin and cortisol, which raise the blood sugar. Adrenalin causes fatty acids to be drawn into the blood from fat stores, especially if the liver's glycogen stores are depleted, and cortisol causes tissue protein to be broken down into amino acids, some of which are used in place of carbohydrate. Unsaturated fatty acids, adrenaline, and cortisol cause insulin resistance.
Glygemia, starch, and sugar in context

Ray Peat recommends cynoplus and cynomel. He considers the excipients in NDT supplements to be problematic.
You can order it from Farmica Del Nino

A number of forum members have reported good success using a NDT supplement called thiroyd. You an order it from Pim Pom Product


Jan 25, 2014
Consider the scale. How much leucine is present? If it's 1/50[sup]th[/sup] what is in your breakfast (or lunch or whatever) does it really matter? Leucine is pretty common in protein containing foods. Maybe this supplement has other problems, but a small bit of a common amino acid compared to your overall daily consumption may not be very important.
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