Is there any way to shield from refrigerator radiation?


Apr 26, 2013
If the back of the refrigerator is like few decimeters or like 10-20 inches from your bed and there is a wall between, is there any way to shield from the radiation of the refrigerator, probably coming from the electric motor of the fridge. What kind of radiation is this even, magnetic,electromagnetic,non-ionizg.,,???

Please no answers like move your bed or move your refrigerator, lets just say refrigerator and the bed cant be moved.

Any solutions from someone who knows a little bit about radiation, putting a metal object in between maybe, how thick and what sort of material?


The Law & Order Admin
Jan 4, 2012
EMF would be coming from there I think. Ray Peat said you need an actual barrier, so yes a steel plate or something like that should do it.

Dan Wich

Jan 22, 2013
If you do shield it, I'm guessing most of the EMF would come from the compressor rather than other parts. So you could probably just shield the bottom of the fridge at the back.


Thread starter
Apr 26, 2013
Its seems you cannot shield from low frequency EMFs that easily. Its not a particle like x-ray, ultrasound, alpha, beta,..

Nothing stops an electro-magnetic filed, it goes through everything. Only thing that can stop it are special alloys with high permeability, that are hard to get and cost a lot of money. Can EMFs be shielded

Why does everything have to be so complicated. Also it seems those refrigetors with the freezer are the worst.
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