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Is tapering off 1 mg of valium per week fast if you're really unstable? Please help


Jul 3, 2016
Hey all I'm in the hospital voluntarily but I'm about to leave, I'm here for tapering off benzodiazepines, valium to be exact and the doctor wants to taper off 1 mg per week. I did a cold turkey about 9 months ago for 4 days before I reinstated off 1 mg of ativan and 7 mg of valium and ever since the benzos work less effectively, I've gotten neurological injury/tolerance.

I've had physical anxiety on the 12 mg of valium in the morning and 12 mg of valium in the evening I've been on and wasn't stable. They lowered my dose to 12 mg of valium in the morning and 11 mg of valium in the evening in the hospital exactly 1 week ago. The doctor now wants to taper off another mg from the morning dose making it 11 and 11 but I think that's too fast since I suffered from severe physical anxiety and withdrawal during this week and I requested the nurse to leave to do the taper at home very slowly. I was advised on benzo buddies to hold my dose until I stabilize then do 0.5 mg decreases and if that goes well 1 mg decreases. I'm having a talk with the doctor in less than an hour or so and I'm gonna tell him I want to leave. The doctor first wanted to taper off 4 mg per week but I refused that. He even came up with the baloney that the Ashton Manual, the golden standard for tapering off benzodiazepines written by Dr. Ashton says that in hospital settings you can do a 25% decrease of benzodiazepines in either a week or 6 weeks, I'm not sure what he ment. I looked in the Ashton Manual to see if it was in there but it wasn't as far as I could find but it did even mention a case study where they decreased the benzodiazepine by 25% and said it was a rapid taper, indicating it was bad!

Is tapering 1 mg of valium per week too fast?

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