May 7, 2013
In natual foods Fructose is usually balanced with Glucose. So I wouldn't worry about in vitro studies like the above, who look at isolated substances and not the complex mixtures found in real foods.

Maybe it is wise to avoid HFCS, although nowadays it contains less Fructose and more Glucose than in the earlier days.


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May 24, 2013
Los Angeles
Thanks Jenn I have yet to do any thorough reading in regards to Dr Peat's view on cancer. Should be a good read.

Gabriel- Interesting, I didn't realize that. So then does the glucose work synergistically with the fructose to help the liver process it better? Or am I vastly overestimating the amount of fructose in my diet? Sorry but I'm sipping almost a gallon of OJ throughout the day and could use some reassurance for my sanity.


Feb 24, 2013
OJ is balanced with glucose,fructose and chocked full of minerals. Drink as much as makes you feel good and your budget allows.

HFCS is a synthetic product, not even real fructose. Any studies done with it are not to be trusted really.


Jul 14, 2013
Oxfordshire, UK
Wasn't there a study (or more than one) that showed that HFCS could be chock full of residue from the corn, i.e. it was like you were taking in grain with your sugars.

And also that the sugar / calorific value was much higher than stated.

I'm sure Ray has referred to this somewhere or other.

I actually asked Richard Feinman (not the physicist - the other one) about this on his blog. He discounted the first point (although I had a read a study about it ... he didn't trust the study I think). He basically said that the problem with HFCS was that there was too much of the stuff around nowadays, in almost everything.

Feinman is interesting because he is one low-carber who disagrees with people like Lustig and many people in the low-carb and paleo movement who demonise fructose. He calls them "fructophobes".
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