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Is Nobody Gonna Point Out The Elephant In The Room? Georgi Dinki Knows It All But He’s Still Fat?

  1. When is the metabolism gonna rev up?

    Or does he not practice what he preaches?

    or maybe milk is making you fat when everyone has always known that dairy makes people gain weight. Especially when you’re combining it with a diet high in refined sugar
  2. I wouldn't say he's fat but he is husky or a little overweight. In my experience it's easy to gain weight peating if you aren't careful about consuming low fat. I really have to limit the amount of butter/oil, fatty cuts of meat, cream etc I have, and only consume 1%/skim milk, and extra lean beef in order to get under 10% bodyfat. In addition, even eating too much sugar and carbs will contribute to the fat gain.

    That said, being overweight is probably not all deterimental to health if the fat stores are mainly made up of saturated fats with few toxins. The fat tissue itself contains aromatase enzyme though so keeping bodyfat less than 20% is probably the most important standard.

  3. Looks higher than 20% to me

    I’m 5’10 210 which is BMI 30 classified as obese and he looks a lot fatter than me

    I think dairy is super inflammatory for most people which gives you bloat weight gain, and it’s easy to consume lots of calories from cheese

    Combine this with guzzling Pepsi and no wonder.

    Don’t see how this is healthy

    it also makes him look silly when he keeps saying how “PUFA makes you fat”.... okay, so does that mean he’s eating PUFA sandwiches?
  4. Lol, someone has an axe to grind.

  5. Looking through his face on youtube videos it looks like his weight has fluctuated a bit. I don't think at anypoint he was heavy enough for it to be a major stressor. I would say as long as your fat tissues are low in PUFA, then you could be as high as 40% bodyfat and be healthy. Fat storage is an adaptation for winter months and is essential for human existence, and isn't necessarily acutely bad. Before winter months many animals intake massive amounts of food in order to get up to very high bodyfat percentages.

    While he is at a weight higher than I would want to be, Georgi is at a weight he is comfortable with that allows him to enjoy his food and be healthy. His goal isn't to become lean, muscular and physically attractive like ours.
  6. Lol what’s your deal with the unwarranted dislike for Georgi? Is making another thread about this necessary?

    He’s never claimed to know it all. He’s been open about his own health journey and how he’s improved with Peat’s principles and he puts these complex ideas into understandable terms. Leanness does not equate to health.
  7. I have to admit I was a little disappointed to see that Georgi isn't lean. It is my understanding that a body / metabolism working correctly will keep one fairly lean (and attractive to potential mates). Indeed whilst I have never gone full peat due to other issues. Carbs seem to always cause wieght gain in me. There could be many reasons for this not working for me, error in glucose metabolism from CFS/POTS, too high sat fat intake etc, I figured Georgi wouldn't have these issues and thus it wouldn't be a problem for him. Other people also have some issues with weight gain and peating.

    Perhaps I am wrong on lean being a desired state at all times for the body. but it makes intuitive sense to me so I would need some convincing otherwise.
  8. Don't make the same mistake as teenage boys who want bodybuilding advice and think that taking it from someone who isn't hyooooge is a mistake.
  9. An interesting start for someone who shows 'joined- yesterday'.
  10. Being fatter is a great advantage in living a long life. I’ve mentioned this many times and have shown numerous studies and Dr. Peat has said a BMI in the high 20s is most healthy.

    Good for Georgy. He’s an amazing person, an incredibly sharp mind, and seems very healthy to me.
  11. I always thought Haidut doesn't drink milk? Maybe I am wrong?
  12. @schultz
    In an older interview he said he drinks some milk. Maybe a glass or more if I remember correctly, but not as a main source of protein.

    According to Peat about 30% bodyfat is healthy. Especially in advanced age low bodyfat is associated with death. For some it's more about longevity, not looking ripped.
  13. I thought an optimal metabolism and health would mean that you’d have energy and vitality to be active and thus easily maintain a lower body fat...

    maybe I should just embrace my love handles and man boobs then
  14. 5+ people in my family, 1 still alive (95), all would've been considered a little "overweight," but everyone one of them were sharp into their 90's. My living 95 year old grandma lived in her own apartment with her little brother (94 years old) alone.

    I think the more important questions can be about his quality of life, cognition, sleep quality, bowel movements, libido, etc.

    As a former athlete growing up with a perception that healthy was what I or other athletes looked like. Come to find out, my "impressive" low heart rate and lean body we're not representative of being healthy as I was severely hypo running on stress hormones.

    Josh Rubin is pudgy looking, but I've seen in him person and he's just a big dude who couldn't look really "lean" if he tried.
  15. Oh okay, thanks for clarifying that. It doesn't really seem fair to say it's the milk then...

    Do what makes you happy. Boobs or no boobs, I support you 100%.
  16. To get overweight in the first place, you need to consume more calories then your body needs. It is factual, obesity promotes insulin resistance, diabetes, and basically worsens most health problems. If vanity isn't good enough for you, avoiding many health problems should be.

    Health means energy, vitality, good body fat because you can maintain caloric balance. It means being able to do some exercise and not become severely out of breath and then take days to recover. I will never ever take seriously anyone that says you can be fat and healthy. Most (if not all) overweight people I know or have met cannot tolerate even slightly difficult forms of exercise (assuming they aren't already too obese to do anything but walk). Being overweight puts way more pressure on the joints as well. Everything is worse. Its coping. It is as simple as that.

    No use on this forum to get into debates though. There have been countless debates on this topic already. The divide is very clear here. You have the people who will never equate fat with healthy and will do what they can to maintain a healthy weight while eating healthy, and those who think yes you can be fat and healthy and it can be even good and will gladly pound down lots of Peat-approved foods. Its your choice in the end whether you want to be fat or not. Just make sure whatever choice you make you know you won't regret later.
  17. The gentleman had health issues to recover from, father to young child or children, worked more than one gig for a time, researches prolifically, has created numerous enemies through the theme of his work. Think he is managing his stressors pretty well, all considering. He seems to get sharper and sharper, and i do not think he cares much to get chiseled. Also, for a person that continues to consistently experiment, you can expect some up and down from failed experiments.
  18. His mental sharpness, speech fluency and complexion all points towards health as far as I can tell.
    More fat is helpful to buffer toxins in today's environment. Lean people have more risk to carry a toxic load

  19. Lots of truth, even though I’m at the lowest end of obesity (30 BMI), my joints hurt, my back hurts after a night of sleep.

    It sucks. I know I would feel a lot better physically with 40 less pounds on me.

    Probably just gonna do a diet of eggs, meat, and fruit.

    None of this sugar and dairy stuff
  21. When I was lean and had a full head of hair I was anxious and depressed. The heavier I get and the balder I get the better i feel mentally, and I feel hotter, more energetic and resiliant. Let go of that ***t. I love food too much to stick to any diet or any way of eating. I've learnt from my mistakes and as long as I avoid the crap food I'll eat anything, food is too be enjoyed and if you aren't ill then you don't need to micro manage diet bordering on orthorexia. Everyone has a different starting point and history and body type so you can't judge someone on how they look now. Georgi is living life, doing what he can, he's not living in the gym. His mind/knowledge is incredible and he's humble and generous, all healthy traits (whereas starting thread on calling someone out for being fat isn't). I personally think it's refreshing to hear health knowledge from someone normal looking, whose always experimenting, not someone with their top off and flexing. Live life, be healthy, use your body, **** up, eat pizza, smoke a joint occasionally or have a beer, don't nanny it 24/7, make fun memories. When you get older memories of going to the gym all the time, your six pack and eating your RP foods won't nourish your soul or entertain your grand kids.

  22. I can agree with a lot of that,

    It’s just always been my hope that I could find the secrets of obtaining vitality like we had when we were children,

    Naturally full of energy and lean without thinking on it at all
  23. He looks like a healthy happy productive Bulgarian guy to me. Doesn’t look inflamed at all. Human biodiversity has a lot of variation in healthy phenotypes.
  24. Georgi is an OG...and this thread is some f*cked up bull****
  25. Georgi is 5'9 and 190 last time he was asked.

    So is this guy....... (5'9/195)

  26. Peating is one of the last things you want to do if you’re trying get lean. But being lean isn’t exactly optimal.
  27. I bet if Georgi ate and lived the way he does now starting from his teens, he would look a lot closer to what you expected initially. Life is hard, long, and complicated, and you may look suboptimal even though you act optimally because of your environment and your history.
  28. I'm 5'9 and was 190 for 1.5 years on this diet. I was a bit pudgy even though I had a good amount of muscle. Being consistent with the basics of Peat and using unemotional metrics like body temp and pulse, I'm now at 180 and feeling even better. I'm not as thick as Georgi, at least from what he seems like on his chats with Danny Roddy, but I definitely will never look like Crossfit guy who's balding. Everyone is built different and not everyone is getting ready for college spring break.

    I'm 41 and married with a toddler. I sleep well- minus being kicked by toddler occasionally. I have the libido of a 25 year old with full and satisfactory orgasms. I'm ready to "go"....not blow.... in 2 minutes :) Mind is sharp. Bowels are good when I don't eat crap. I have a full head of hair and I probably ate worse in my teens through my 30's than Georgi and most here.

    I'll take the above improvements all day before I ever get back to a 6 pack with cold hands and feet.
  29. Exactly.

    Getting personal...

    I’m healthier than any of the young people I know. I’m a bit “over weight” but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. In fact I think it’s highly protective. My libido is high, I sleep well, my sex life is fantastic, and I have a fulfilling life.

    There are so many studies and Dr. Peat himself that show being “overweight” is healthier than being normal or thin according to classical appearances and judgments.

    I get tired of making the same argument here.

  30. that’s a steroid drug addict so it doesn’t matter.

    If he was natural with that height and weight he would be fat
  31. probably because he was low carb and a runner for years

    That ***t is hard to come back from
  32. People saying its messed up to bring this topic up

    It is relevant.

    If we had all of Peat's writings and he died at 59, we would be right to question

    Things have to work in practice
  33. I have often wondered about haidut's diet whether it is nutrient dense enough or not. He is really eating for convenience as much as anything imo and is not a big supplement guy either.

    If one can't process glucose due to a deficiency and it goes to fat storage and the drive to eat is maintained...leading to fat storage?
  34. Perhaps.

    I feel really bad if I don't supplement minerals and b- vitamins when eating a lot of white sugar. And cheese is a refined food in some ways, since a big amount of vitamins are lost during the removal of the whey portion.
  35. Post this on your main account, coward.

    Though I agree he doesn't fit the "healthy image" I have in mind.
  36. Coward?
    You call him names just because he asked why Georgi,s metabolism does not run enough to burn his extra fat?

    What,s wrong with a question like that and why it makes him a coward?
  37. I agree. Less censorship. One of great things about this forum is that we can talk about a multitude of things without being censored. Asking questions is good.
  38. I agree. Health isn't determined in bodyfat. As ray says a lot, creativity emphaty and being able to enjoy things that matter to you are signs of healths. I think this man works a lot and is stil able to care about a lot of people, also here on the forum. Also that man's mind is a machine, and that counts. to compare him with myself, I am a lot leaner but I am not even near his fast/sharp thinking. Not that I want to pick his side or something but I think these are clear facts and important to take away. What I find strange tho, is why his hair ins't growing back
  39. Does the robustness of being fat apply to everyone or just old people though? Both my grandmothers have been hospitalized for basically starvation induced by other illnesses, so being a bit fat in old age clearly is protective, but for young and middle aged people?
    I've also made note that the fatness induced by peating could be more of a "bulking" effect like how people get fat while eating in excess to build muscle, metabolically damaged people get fat trying to rebuild (and possibly maintain) their damaged metabolism, but this doesn't necessarily mean that the fat itself is healthy, just a byproduct of fighting for their health. If you look at young men, I think in general the leaner men seem to be healthier.

    As for haidut, I would love to hear what he has to say, since he clearly is more knowledgeable than anyone else on this forum, and if he's struggling with something it's bad news for everyone. He doesn't look terrible though
  40. Because he obviously created that account ONLY to ask this question. If he had balls he would have posted on his actual account.
    His question is completely valid though.
  41. Fruit is what Peat is mostly referring to when he says sugar.
  42. I think that’s nonsense. You will NOT get lean eating crap load of table sugar, but Peat does not advocate or recommend eating any table sugar. And there are numerous instances of such forum practices vs. Peat contradictions. Peat recommendations are just fine for getting lean and healthy.
  43. I think so too. There are threads here often brutally scrutinizing other people’s detailed physical characteristics, drawing often ridiculous and sometimes valid conclusions based on a single photo. Haidut has been getting a free pass here. As I much as I like to listen to the guy.
  44. :grin This is true.
    Try to be all pure and holy health guy and you'll just stress yourself the bleep out.

    In a way I eat a pretty strict low-fat plant-based "Peaty" diet, but I love the food and I've found what works for me. Sometimes I'll eat some coconut based ice cream or chocolate etc higher fat treats, you know like a normal person. Sometimes a beer or some red wine if I feel like it. I've also embraced the fact that I love to smoke ganja. It's just who I am. And I don't want it in a pill or tea etc, I want the dirty smoke into my lungs. :rollingred

    One just needs to find that balance.
  45. Throughout the years you have tried numerous methods of losing weight. From what I gathered, mostly unsuccessfully. It seems to me you realize it is unhealthy to be fat but you change your tune after each failed attempt as a way of accepting your inability to slim up. I don't think that's the right approach.
  46. Nutritional knowledge only gets you to the start line. The widely ignored aspect of health is posture, where chronic damage manifests as tension in the fascial system. Te most obvious sign is discontinuous place in the spine's movement (like neck moving separate from lower part) and limited mobility in joints. Can you effortlessly turn the head 180 degrees side to side repeatedly and with speed? Can you touch palms to ground leaning forward? Can you sit in yoga with legs crossed? All this comes naturally if you heal any chronic damage, there is no need for flexibility training or stretching regimen. Simply re-mobilize mis-tensioned fascia.

    Haidut is a former competitive rower which is a prime sport to develop such damage due to the exhaustive nature of it combined with unnatural posture (sitting) while still transmitting great forces from the hands down through the feet.

    In other threads i have argued how i believe this same tension transmitted through the neck is the underlying cause for MPB.
  47. If you want to judge him, then you'd have to meet him. He seems to function OK during the interviews. A man being big and not having abs is just a sign that he isn't a self-obsessed homosexual. If Georgi was taking body pics in his bathroom, then I would never buy a supplement from him. Trying to have a thin waist like a self obsessed woman is terrible for your health. If you're serious about health, then you need to breath properly and allow your belly to expand and relax to do so.
  48. I know someone close who is able to these from young age to 60s, yet he has health issues, most shockingly and notably has scoliosis that can be seen easily without being a doctor.
  49. Ah, ok. You`re also a prophet. Great.
  50. lose some weight if youre unhappy, calories in/calories out still applies.

    no need to attack our very own zeus
  51. I want to thank Haidut for his threads, they were hugely helpful.
  52. Kalinga, I disagree, this is gossip. It's not a large sample of people doing something similar for us to find a common ground (he may be under an unsuspected stressor and we'll be blaming on a specific habit). In your example, the guy would be dead. Since in our case he's in the living state, honest and we don't know much about his life, why not just ask what you want to know directly in one of his multiple personal threads before speculating? E! channel can't contact celebrities at any time, we can. I doubt that he would mind answering and for sure he would prefer this to dealing with indirect suppositions that lack the decency to tag him in spite of not hesitating to do so elsewhere on topics that have no relation to him at all, it's just validation and trying to invite a VIP to the party. Not a single time tagged on a thread where he's called an elephant? It's a joke.

    I think that as men develop, we tend to care less about looks for not depending on it. From his state, it seems that it wouldn't be difficult for him to get slimmer if he wanted.

    All in all, this sort of discussion only reinforces my suspicion that the information becomes secondary on videos.

    What's the credibility threshold?

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  53. I doubt it applies to young people who seem to naturally be thin. So I agree with you there.

    It also could be that the fat is a storage reservoir for toxins that the liver can’t easily dispose of.

    I believe a lot in the idea of homeostasis. That our bodies strive for some sort of equilibrium and this fat probably makes the process more robust of encountering environmental toxins and remaining in gear. I call this metabolic inertia, and I think resistance to dietary supplements, medications and the like is an indicator of robust metabolic inertia that probably is very life-giving. People who are super sensitive to everything they take or eat probably have a much worse time of it. I sense this more in thin people than in fatter people.
  54. I can't speak for Georgi, but of myself I can say I carry surprisingly little lard for someone who likes food as much as I do and sits in front of a computer all day most everyday. I should by my own reckoning be much rounder. My aim in following Peats work isnt' to not be fat either, but to no longer be chronically ill. And frankly, mission accomplished. In the past I was extremely lean (before getting podgy doing low carb), but I was also suicidal. If I had to pick, I'd pick fat over feeling like that again any day.
  55. His body caught my attention too. For all members that think about body fat as protective, ask Ray, he wrote at his article about estrogen that body fat is not good because it increases aromatase, also wrote that abdominal fat is sign of high cortisol. He is lean. To be honest, with chemicals that Haidut has or can get And his high testosterone, I dont understand how he can look like this. But haidut Is also working alot while not sleeping much, drink alot of Pepsi but the thing is that I can't eat like Peat himself. Both od them are not my idols but something like teachers. Look on member @Stryker or @olive. Being overweight Is not just unhealthy, Its not practical too And your environment will let you know. Just think about it, the fit was Always the one who survived and had energy for finding good food and had good woman. Good woman means healthy kids .....You can easily see it everywhere.
  56. seriously guys

    He has kids, has a main job, runs a side business, and has a history of damage from endurance exercise and low carb

    Guy should be 400 lbs
  57. Haven´t thought of Georgi as fat, ever. I think he is much like a typical Bulgarian, like Blagoy Ivanov. Would you consider him fat? They are more like, wide. I think that the body type plays a big part of it´s composition of fat. More wider people require more fat.
    When I was younger I tried desperately to lose those love handles. No matter what I tried, they just didn´t go away. I would probably lose much of my muscles than this fat. For some reason it is very dear to the body. I feel much better with fat than with a leaner body. No way would I lose it on purpose now. I am not overweight now either.
  58. I think so. I do want to lose fat, but I am always unwilling to jeopardize my health to do so and I think it boils down to that.

    Losing fat often results in jeopardizing health, especially as one gets older.

    I see it all the time with other people and don’t want to go down that road. And yet it would be nice to be thinner, I say to myself, caving into societal norms, LOL.

    I have noticed with middle-aged men who lose a lot of fat that virtually 100% of the time they end up with worse health problems than they had before.
  59. I think it is very healthy that he is not as obsessed (as many guys here) with his appearance, but is focussing on improving his energy levels and mental power.

    Also he is able to eat much more different foods than many here and is going out to eat. Maybe if you try to micro manage as perfectly as a Danny Roddy does with his self prepared meals you will look some One Direction member in your 30+s.

    I’m actually much more inspired by haidut at the moment, how he is able to raise a family with kids, going out to eat, playing soccer with friends, drinking with friends, and in the meantime able to setup a company that helps hundreds of people and having the mental power to learn, read and share so much useful knowledge.
  60. I heard that 400 lbs is the weight of his left testicle. He could develop his own sport.

  61. This is just laughable, and you know it.
  62. You are very easily awed and inspired, but I am ok with that.
  63. My concern about fat is the estrogen that comes with it. This is probably overlooked...
  64. I’d like to point out that the original post is not so much about Georgi losing or not being able to lose fat, its more about him being fat in the first place. There is a subtle difference there. If he was to practice what he preaches, and if what he preaches was true and correct, than being lean should come naturally and automatically with no effort. Yet it doesn't.

    A messenger is always important to the message itself, especially in something so faith-based as nutrition (yes, faith-based).

    How many people were uncomfortable watching this guy lecture about the magical benefits of low carb?

  65. First he's obviously jealous. Second, he's here to undermine Georgi's credibility (as if he could). Third ..., never mind, he's not worth a third point. I'd just swat him away.
  66. Same in my family. My great-grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from Hungary and lived to be 95. They lived in their own apartment, doing everything for themselves, until their last day (my great-grandfather died in his sleep, and my great-grandmother called my grandmother to tell her, then died before my grandmother could get to their apartment).

    My great-grandmother was plump for all the years I knew her.

    My wildest cat, who mostly hunts for herself, gets plump every year just before winter, then loses all the weight in the spring and gets very lean by mid-summer.

    My dogs (German Shepherds) have always carried a little extra weight in middle age. I always know when it's getting close to the end when they get very lean.
  67. Someone can deceive in many ways if he wanted, like for example not show himself and preach or use procedures to remove fat, use wigs which are getting popular with men on youtube as far as I see.
    Look at how many men look at a girl with fake everything and appreciate her as good to have a child with. Even if such woman has her chin surgically modified, jaw, nose, lips, hairline, ears, teeth, fat redistributed, breast augmented, fake nails, etc. And this sort of person promotes this and that health-wise.
  68. This forum has never been perfect but it used to be a lot less confrontational way back. We are all here together on our own health journey, let's be friends lol. :---)
  69. So how many times have they died on you?
  70. If youre going to attack a person's credibility based on the advice they preach, why not attack Ray directly? Haidut is a conduit of Ray Peat's teachings, and with his knowledge he chooses to live the way he wants. Ray himself would not be subject to any of the criticisms you have laid on one of his students, which is simply a testament to the validity of the approach ;)
  71. Man, everything about this post is off base...starting with the inflammatory title which no doubt was intended to personally hurt or shame Georgi. ...but so it is on the internet - behind a keyboard everyone can say things that they dare not say face-to-face. Big balls behind a keyboard....or a tiny mind with some serious insecurities....you choose.

    I've used several of Georgi's products with great success. Actually, tremendous success.

    It never dawned on me to judge the guy according to his physical appearance. Honestly, I wouldn't care if he were 500 pounds at this point as long as he keeps producing Estroban, PanSterone, 6-keto P4, TocoVit, and Kuinone.

    The whole subject of "fat" and health is so subjective that I can't believe someone took the time to actually create this post.
  72. Meeting your idols can be very harsh when they are not what you expect them to be, I know this first hand and when they even act like who are you to bother them it is quite upsetting, probably this is the case with Haidut, people want him to be like they would like themselves to be, tons of hair, no body hair, not fat, with a constant erection while naked chicks cook his dinner while he answers to Danny's questions.
  73. :10:
  74. I don't think being confrontational has a lot to do with being friends or not. It can be inconsiderate.. but that's different
  75. Anyone going to tag Georgi (Haidut) so he can defend himself on his own forum?
  76. It’s actually @charlie (s) forum.
  77. 1. I’m not another member here. This is my only account and I just found out about “Ray peat principles” (because you’re not supposed to call it a diet) maybe 2-3 months ago.

    2. based off what I’ve seen, I think Georgi Dinki is a very smart and knowledgeable guy, and I can see why a lot of people would want to follow what he says.

    3. but I just think it’s kind of... silly when he talks about keto making you fat and pufas making you fat... so if he’s doing everything right, why isn’t he lean and trim? Of course I haven’t seen his whole body, but judging by his face and arms he is not lean

    4. I made this account after stumbling upon this forum trying to read up on vitamin E and becoming confused because of Matt Blackburn advocating high vitamin E intake and now people on here are saying to only take tiny amounts
  78. When ever I see a very lean raccoon, squirrel, coyote or other wild animal, my first thought is uh-oh, that animal must be sick-dying-starving. I’m really baffled by why human beings think leanness=health. In the animal world it generally does not. A well fed animal looks vital and healthy, an animal that has obvious musculature due to lack of fat sends alarm signals. Those are the ones that get picked off by predators or disease.
  79. Around here If someone sees a thin cat then they say it is sick and it won't last long. And indeed they usually die of various reasons.
    That is why a bit of a more fattier cat will be considered as being more healthy being able to store some energy not only to be needing to use all that energy every second.
    We used to have cats in an area where there was no control, cats went wherever they wanted or other cats came from anywhere, when cats were not able to put a bit of fat they always died earlier than slightly chubbier cats even if cared for. Not to mention some of the skinny female cats only had 1 offspring or 2 maximum.

    Not that I am saying this has to be the case for humans also, but I understand what you are saying.

  80. My animals are filled out, and every time we go to the vet he says they’re too fat.

    They want to be able to see the curvature of their waist to rib cage and stuff I guess
  81. weird I alway thought georgi owned this forum
  82. I like to pay attention to this phenomenon, that of the quick weight loss in a friend or acquaintance, all ages and both of the sexes.

    I don't pry but will complement the person in some way. (Early on they usually look better so its a genuine compliment.) At this point they are usually more than forth coming and want to give a lot of info. I'll sneak in a question or 2 to clear up who got a hold of the person,, paleo low carb, plant based vegan, jenny craig Opra bs, etc.

    I have young kids in elementary so there is a very wide group of people at all the events I come in contact with at this point of my life.

    Its almost always the same and I like to try and guess before I even speak to them what they are on. Low carbers are going to get very thin very fast, lot of water loss followed by muscle loss. Paleo low carb is even worse with quicker decent with the lack of dairy. Men look guant in the face and weak body, loss of vitality. Woman quickly lose skin and tissue elasticity and get heavy face lines.

    Vegans get the lack of sex hormones look, soft and round both men and woman. Generally less weight loss unless they go into super vegan mode and actually stick to "plant based" happy bs propaganda and over time end up like skeletor. But fortunately most can't, they slide into pre-made vegan garbage with high oils and additives then end up with fast fat gain and bail out on the proposition. The marketed weight watcher stuff much the same but with a little more sick look due to all the chemicals and additives in the purchased pre-made food. Commonly all have a really bad rebound and gain back all or even more weight but with a loss of muscle. The all or nothing approach has busted them and they look demoralized feeling like they failed. Some resolve to do it better another time, do it right when they are better able. They never bring it up at this point.

    What they don't do is what most naturally thin or lean people do. Have an incremental day by day or week by week approach, no all or nothing perfection at 100% view. More like how is my weight today, water or tissue fluctuation? Fat or muscle gain or loss? Am I matching calories with how busy or active I am? Are my bones tendons and muscle gaining or holding fast? Is my body fat low. Do I have visceral fat developing? How are my macros, balanced? Do I have adequate nutrient intake? (some people only do this intuitively and don't know what adequate nutrients are.)

    There are many more little gauges, factors, experiments, etc people run on themselves, in the blink of an eye some unknowingly but I can assure anyone reading this if you don't do it in some form you will drift one way or another, up in body fat, down in muscle usually but not necessarily, maybe not by much but you will drift. The guy or gal who has seemingly stayed effortlessly lean and or muscular, the supposed gifted metabolisms, aren't as gifted as you think. They instead just effortless do what I described. Its second nature to them.

    I think barring haidut having a lack of some nutrition or to much unsupported sugar intake has instead, simply just drifted a bit and is happy and fine with it. In essence he doesn't care, he is good.
  83. Bullying is a sign of high serotonin???
  84. Constructive post @Ledo.
  85. @BBRP

    I think it's important to realize that all Georgi is doing is delivering research and analysis to many of us who would otherwise be too dumb, ignorant of, or lazy/busy to consume ourselves.

    He is NOT saying, "do as I do to become like me". He is just trying to arrive at the nutritional truth, using research and logic. And he has been kind enough to bring it to us so energetically, in an engaging and understandable way. And he sells supplements based on this research, but it's your prerogative to buy or not (and really, the evidence is piling in favor of his formulations). There are a million reasons why that doesn't work perfectly in practice, most of which has to do with environmental factors, both current and accumulated, which are way harder to control than nutrition.

    Maybe you're looking for a silver bullet to solve your problems within a year or two, and expect someone who has followed a promising set of principles to be perfect after a decade. I think it's unlikely we find something that works so well in all circumstances.
  86. Wild Animals are free and have to worry about things killing them. Humans are slaves and have to worry about being deceived. When one reads something, their senses are neutered, so it can take a lot of internal struggle to find the light. Haidut has my full support, but we should take Auslanders concern as a worthy mental exercise rather than brush it off. In "real life" if you wish to spread a message you will need to make use of the effect of impression which technology tends to destroy.
  87. What bodyfat % do you classify as "fat"?
  88. Georgi just looks bulky to me, not fat. And his brain seems to work really well( very good memory, easy- going, his speech is fluid, etc.).
  90. At the same time Georgy has posted studies showing that calorie restriction leads to life extension.
  91. So what you mean is to stop absorbing information when it starts to interfere with your ability to see what is happening in the world around you? Is that what you are saying?

  92. Don’t think I’m bullying. Just something I think we should be questioning.

    Reminds me of when I used to follow Dr Morse and he would preach a fruitarian diet, yet he was fat and said how he didn’t even follow the diet -_-
  93. Thank you for being so courageous by making a new account and pointing out the elephant in the room.
    I mean pretty much everyone was asking themselves this question but nobody dared to speak up.
    Yet this question has been the main obstacle in advancing our understanding of Peat's work for years now.
    But now finally the word is out and we can start to dig deep into this most urgent and significant issue.
    The peatarian of the year award will be yours, I am absolutely certain.
  94. You are helping him and us :)
  95. You have something to learn about how our environments play into our health. Plus the cultural fat hating that you are basically perpetuating. Health at any Size is a real thing. this is an essential movement after so many people, especially women, have ruined their health with eating disorders. you can hate your own fat if that serves you but stop judging others when you know nothing of their traumas, challenges, environments, genetics, toxin exposure, etc. You need to go deeper if you want to make any sense at all of Peat. Maybe gaining compassion is more important than losing your man boobs.
  96. I'm assuming you aren't active on many forums, this is a very common thing..
    He joined YESTERDAY and asks a controversial question. Seems to know all about the ray peat community and who Georgi is to this forum. If you connect the dots it's fairly obvious.
  97. It actually is a common thing.
  98. Yeah, sadly, I'm starting to get the feeling that that's the case. I wish this thread hadn't gotten so much attention just because of a troll.
  99. OP is getting a lot of hate but I think it's a valid question... I think the answer might be that the Peat diet prevents further degeneration but isn't enough on it's own to reverse damage that has already occurred. I think high dose coffee, moving to a high altitude, etc., in general some large lifestyle changes, are necessary for real regeneration.