Is Chewing Gum Safe?

Cesar Motta

Feb 20, 2020
As far as I know it is made of polymers and other synthetic products (probably estrogenic) and where I live there are no natural versions, like those of chicle. Is chewing gum safe?


Dec 11, 2018
A member here said that glycerol is one ingredient to avoid in chewing gum and toothpaste. I always chew gum after every meal for the xylitol. The brand I buy has some questionable ingredients, but I can't find anything better.

I can't find the post of the member I mentioned above, sorry.
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Dec 18, 2018
Titanium dioxide is in almost every Gum. Swish after eating with pure xylitol for a couple of minutes, or search for 'pure' or organic cheweing gums, or medicinal. The titanium dioxide can be hidden behind some number in the list of ingredients, same for toothpaste, also with TiO2.
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