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Iodine And Selenium For Extra Energy

Discussion in 'Thyroid and Hormones' started by jaminhealth, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. jaminhealth

    jaminhealth Member

    Jan 14, 2020
    All some may need to do is a drop of say Iosol Iodine every day or other day. ALso a dose of selenium to help with energy. Some start with kelp before the iodine therapy. Iodine is necessary for all our body tissues and it's said there is an Iodine Deficiency in the U.S.

    I have a long story of 10 yrs of depression and it was a sluggish thyroid all along..docs didn't help me for 10 yrs but kept slapping A/D drugs in my face.

    A D.O. put me on Armour in 2002 and depression was HISTORY...gone. I took Armour for years and went to Naturthroid in the last 10+ yrs. Changes in armour ingredients and price forced me to do this. But also along the way I found how important Iodine is for thyroid and breast health.

    I do NOT do mammograms. I count on Iodine for breast health.

    Don't get hyper so go slowly with the thyroid.