Interview: Dr Ray Peat - Hormones, Stress, PUFAs, Low Carb Diets, Fat Burning Vs. Suga


Jan 7, 2017
Just watched this video yesterday on the YouTube channel Jodellefit, though it was first uploaded on YouTube on April 27, 2019. I thought it was great, very informative overall. Check it out!



Dec 8, 2016
I always hear something new; this time on pregnancy, breast feeding.

The interviewer did a great job at letting him speak; and Peat sounded spry. Always struck by his recall.

Thx for posting.


Thread starter
Jan 7, 2017
No problem! I'm just glad I could figure out how to post the link! Haha :grin I agree, Dr. Peat was very upbeat, and it sounds like Jodelle, the interviewer/channel host, will have him back on again at some point, which is awesome.

Jodelle also did a video with haidut that was also fantastic. It was about a week prior to her interview with Dr. Peat. This one was also very, very informative. I'll get that one posted as well. If you wanted to just do a search on YouTube, it's called "Stress & Weight Gain, Estrogen & Endotoxins w/ Georgi Dinkov. " Cheers!


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Jan 7, 2017
It looks like the video with haidut I mentioned above was already posted by David PS, and if he's reading this, thank you!! I didn't see it before making my original post and reply. Anyway, well, enioy!
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