Jan 6, 2015
I highlighted some parts but other parts are interesting too

Consequently, a large amount of Na+ is bound to GAGs, creating a microenvironment of hypertonic Na+concentration (19). However, the dense network exhibits a low compliance, secondary to its strong elastic and tensile force, thereby “pressing” fluid out. Importantly, disruption of bonds within GAGs or alterations in bound molecules will have significant structural and functional consequences for the proteoglycans 20, 21.

Interstitial Sodium
Sodium accumulates dynamically in interstitial glycosaminoglycan networks

The interstitium connects and supports tissues while serving as a transport medium for nutrients, waste products, and signaling molecules. GAGs are the main constituents of the interstitium of various tissues 22, 23, 24. Together with collagen and/or elastin fibers, they comprise the solid phase and determine the structure and compliance of the interstitium 22, 25. Because 1 GAG macromolecule can bind a large quantity of Na+cations, the interstitium can accumulate or buffer a high amount of Na+(Figure 1A) (26). Data from long-term balance studies in humans have confirmed that considerable amounts of Na+ accumulate in the interstitium, particularly in skin and muscle tissue, without compensatory water retention or changes in plasma Na+ concentration 11, 27, 28. Kopp et al. recently quantified Na+ concentrations in skin and muscle on the basis of 23Na-magnetic resonance imaging spectroscopy. Their data suggested that, in contrast to a very stable plasma Na+ concentration, the tissue Na+ content in humans is highly variable, and that these variations are not accompanied by changes in tissue fluid content 15, 29. As a consequence, in both normal circumstances and compensated HF states, interstitial GAG networks “smooth” fluctuations in plasma Na+concentrations, and therefore, conceal Na+ ions from the pituitaryosmoreceptors, preventing AVP release and thus preventing water retention. Moreover, because these secluded Na+ cations do not reach the renal nephron, they also escape renal regulatory function and are more difficult to remove from the body.

.........GAGs create a high osmotic pressure microenvironment (22). Therefore, subjects with a more dense interstitial GAG network—and consequently with a higher interstitial oncotic pressure (πI)—will have more filtration of plasma fluid over the capillary membrane into the interstitium. However, the limited elastic properties (and thus, low compliance) of the interstitial GAG network prevent fluid accumulation 33, 34. Small increases in interstitial fluid content lead to important increases in interstitial tensile stress. This forces interstitial fluid into the gaping lymphatic vessels......


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Jan 6, 2015
Is it then a good idea to apply castor oil's Ricinoleic acid, that gets in lymph, in a salt solution topically to support lymphatic systematic detox?
Idk about that,but i think its important to have enough salt in diet to have that interstitial tensile stress,to move waste products into lymph vessel which transfer it into blood.

Also quality of interstitial matrix is important.

ray peat said:
In the collagen theory of aging, it is argued that changes in the extracellular matrix are responsible for isolating cells from their environment, reducing the availability of nutrients and oxygen, and reducing their ability to send and receive the chemical signals that are needed for correct adaptive functioning. In diabetes, basement membranes are thickened, and in a given volume of tissue there are fewer capillaries. This effect probably involves excessive serotonin (Kasho, et al., 1998). Old animals contain a higher proportion of collagen.

ray peat said:
During the healing of a wound in a diabetic individual, the local concentration of glucose decreases and then entirely disappears, as healing stops. Applying glucose and insulin topically to the wound, it heals quickly. The very old practice of treating deep wounds with honey or granulated sugar has been studied in controlled situations, including the treatment of diabetic ulcers, infected deep wounds following heart surgery, and wounds of lepers. The treatment eradicates bacterial infections better than some antiseptics, and accelerates healing without scarring, or with minimal scarring. The sugar regulates the communication between cells, and optimizes the synthesis of collagen and extracellular matrix.

Functional Roles Of Fructose
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Oke. Just an idea: I guess we could make a salty electrolyte rich solution with castor oil. Something like coconut water / magnesium sulfate / baking soda / coconut -castor oil.


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Jan 6, 2015
Oke. Just an idea: I guess we could make a salty electrolyte rich solution with castor oil. Something like coconut water / magnesium sulfate / baking soda / coconut -castor oil.
Im not familiar with it, what castor oil and ricinoleic acid are supposed to do to improve lymph function?
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