Interesting Study On Copper Absorption



I think high copper foods also tend to have iron, whose absorption is increased by vitamin C, so there's another reason to avoid vitamin C with those foods.


Nov 9, 2012
On that note, I always wonder: if I take coffee when eating say meat in order to reduce iron absorption, don't I also reduce absorption of good things like copper too?

At least, the study above seems to show that if I drink calcium too, copper won't be reduced.

I'm pretty sure RP has thought about all that when recommending accompanying with coffee an/or milk, but I haven't seen a written confirmation anywhere.


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Jan 16, 2013
A google search brought back a couple results on caffeine inhibiting copper. I'm gonna recommend squid though. Lots of copper, and practically no iron. No need for caffeine with it.


A google search brought back a couple results on caffeine inhibiting copper. I'm gonna recommend squid though. Lots of copper, and practically no iron. No need for caffeine with it.

Anything else? Other than squid?
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