Interesting Non-Conformists: Peace Pilgrim

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    Nov 14, 2017

    Look how full of life and dopaminergic she is. She is loving, kind, and very gregarious/outgoing.

    This woman was also very physically fit and walked across the entire North American continent. She endured great hunger and fasts of up to 45 days without food, but claims to have had an internal motivation, a connection to God, and a deep grasp on her life's purpose: to make people THINK.

    This was a wonderful woman, she was a ******* warrior.

    Do you think people like this are trying to be different? Or, perhaps, they are in touch with a part of our humanity which is intrinsic and innate, but requires certain conditions to be in place to be expressed?

    I think the latter. We are all like this. To be human is to be gregarious, loving, kind, and to seek cooperation and to win the respect of your peers by being useful. Very interesting experimental data also supports this - look at Alexander et. al's 'rat park' experiments. There is also similar research done on children and also primates. Children, for example, when given a very free, loving nurturing environment with lots of play are highly co-operative and will even give their toys away to other children. What I am describing is a very different social structure to ours, which in contrast is authoritarian and competitive, and probably very unhealthy for the human organism.

    Thoughts and comments welcomed.
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    Oct 22, 2016
    There is a recent podcast with Peat on Patrick Tampone posted from August 20th. There’s a discussion about cosmic rays and the flow of energy from the sun to plants to the ovum in a womb. Peat talks about how matter and spirit are not separate, that matter is animated and imbued with life. He also says people, matter, and spirit are inherently good. I guess it’s in the interest of the few to promote the idea that only some matter, some people, are imbued with spirit or specialness or goodness. If you’ve been lucky enough to watch children grow you’ll see they can be very compassionate and giving and affectionate by an almost natural inclination when they are given love and nourishment. I notice though that once they enter school they become resentful and mean spirited sometimes. It feels helpless to say the way society is set up makes people aggressive and dangerous to one another, but what other explanation is there? If some people were not profiting from the current situation, why would people intentionally live through so much suffering? Are humans that stupid?