Insulin protects fats?


Jan 22, 2013

Sort of makes me think along the lines of Peat's philosophy. Pretty much when you have insulin in circulation, your body, and liver in particular, don't break down fats (mostly palmitic acid, the main saturated fat produced by your body, but also LCFA (PUFAS)) but rather will utilize available glucose. I'm assuming this would have 2-fold benefit...1 being that your body is less likely to burn any PUFAS's for energy, and 2 that your body would have less burden on it in resynthesizing the palmitic acids it needs for cell membranes, ect due to not having had to burn them for energy. It would seem to me then, that if your insulin levels were always to remain constantly elevated, then your dietary fat intake would have to be close to nothing, but the more your body has to use fats for energy + lack of dietary fat would lead to a need for fats, and possibly cravings for them? (I love cheese...and chocolate so I'll keep eating fat anyways, but I'm interested in the science here). Hopefully someone can offer a Peat perspective on this one

edit: perhaps ideally, sugar would be present and insulin levels would be up to limit or completely avoid PUFA oxidation, but any dietary fat other than PUFA would help even a little in preventing the likelihood of PUFA in the body being utilized for energy, but the problem is most dietary fats add back a little PUFA themselves. So it would then be wise to eat fat containing foods only up until the point where you got all the minerals necessary out of them, but beyond that, sugars would be the preferred energy source? (and I guess coconut oil since it has almost 0 PUFA, though it wouldn't elevate insulin like sugar)
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