Insulin and Endotoxin


Apr 20, 2013
Use your imagination. I don't remember if it was these studies or not, but insulin does temporarily protect from an endotoxin challenge. As I said previously I think a secondary function of the endocrine system is to modulate LPS. I have not spent a great deal of time looking at the mechanism by which insulin would protect from endotoxin, I'm just going off a hunch I had when I was thinking about things that tie all this together.

Needless to say, the endotoxin lens is a neat way to look at things, also because of my own interests in how it modulates behavior.


  • Agwunobi - 2000 - Insulin Resistance and Substrate Utilization in Human Endotoxemia.pdf
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  • Cani et al. - 2007 - Metabolic endotoxemia initiates obesity and insulin resistance.pdf
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