Inspired And Empowered


Nov 23, 2013
After discovering the work of Ray Peat I immediately felt inspired and empowered that I could actually improve my health. I had spent my entire life feeling off, not well like something wasn't quite right but it all remained a mystery. I won't go into my life story but I'm sure many can relate to being dismissed, misdiagnosed and misunderstood by the medical system. My mother was given DES when she was pregnant with me and I now believe that set the stage for an imbalanced system for me from conception. If it were not for Ray 's work I would have never figured it out. We all need to understand our own story, our bodies and our history in order to heal. Ray inspired me by speaking to the simple truths of healing our bodies and restoring our health. He presents evidence that cuts through the confusion and lies that we bombarded with repeatedly and incessantly. I have been empowered by his work. I think differently about the totality of my existence and the world around me. I've been inspired to make changes that go beyond physical health and I believe those changes are having a ripple effect in the world around me. I believe in myself like never before because I am now strong, vibrant an whole and it just seems to keep getting better.THANK YOU RAY, you truly inspired and empowered me through your work.


Dec 31, 2012
Couldn't agree more. It's been an awakening of sorts. I'm so grateful he is so generous to share his work. Implementing his suggestions and advice has definitely changed my life for the better, in so many ways. If I met him in person, I would say...

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