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Information Technology

  1. Prior to my health obsession/issues, I was very much into system administration and networking. I was wondering if there are any tech guys/gals here. If anyone wants to talk MergerFS, SnapRAID, Docker, Virtualization, etc you're more than welcome to start a convo :D

    @haidut I just read that you do IT consulting. What do you specialize/concentrate in?
  2. I'm in IT! My username might give some clues...
  3. I am in IT security, but my academic work is in AI and NLP. I do like tinkering with *Nix systems a lot though. DragonflyBSD is a hobby of mine as is creating custom Linux distros. However, lately I don't quite have the time for my hobbies given all the biochem reading and experiments that I do on top of daily work.
  4. I also work on linux sysadm. I find it more and more boring as years fly by. Gotta change sector one of these days.
  5. Beware the @haidut pen-test ;).

    Programming is Terrible :bag:. Personally, I'm doing mainly web apps with full backend support today. I've been liking the Clojurescript + Elixir/Erlang combo for awhile now. Some work requiring low level work in the past, so I can definitely wield C with libev and crypto libraries, but that was the past.

    Mobile Apps are silly :( ..... backwards incompatible changes at least once a year, fickle consumers, horribly complex build environments, authoritarian App Store approval processes, and yet still a necessary evil which needs to be shipped when the Boss sez so.

    Linux sysadmin is terrible ..... got sick of all the inconsistencies trying to set up "basic" things like a floating IP with keepalived and HAProxy on various distros and networking conditions .... Good luck if you have to set up a highly-available Postgres Cluster (which will then auto-failover and wake up in a network split :D) .... IMO it's either fully self-owned systems (dedicated machines) with CentOS, or just delegate the job to Amazon EBS (for the load balancing case) or some formal database management setup (be it AWS's data services, or a good contractor) ....

    And don't forget data compliance standards :droid:. Programming for business today is definitely very anti-freedom ...

    (BTW, the "Programming is Terrible" line comes from tef -- programming is terrible . Sorry, I may be a young man, but I've been indoctrinated in the longbeard school of LISP and Erlang, where things seem to never ever change :bag: , and reliability is the number one concern ..... and of course, Emacs is the only text editor ;))

  6. I'm back to IT school after 6 years of being sick, not very advanced so if there are IT discussions, I guess I will be reading and asking questions more than saying stuff ;).
  7. Some years ago I did data mining with SQL.
    It was nice :D